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I saw Tang Yufang for the first time. It’s hard to imagine a young girl who looks more thin, it is a village.

In the bottom village, less than 30-year-old Tang Fang is not only the rich leadership of the village, but also the county party representative, the rural representative, but also the village support, no matter which role, she can be in the ordinary position. Towards, use youth for the village.

Demonstration takes the lead in leading the masses to lead the masses in 2016, Tang Yufang graduated from the recruitment interview to return to the poverty alleviation information from the bottom of Miao Township in Mi Township in the hometown, let her clearly see the development of the country through more in-depth understanding of the poverty alleviation work. Insufficient.

In order to lead the people to get rich, Tang Yufang has contracted 30 mu of land in the village of the village to develop sandchamium industries. At the same time, the weekend, holiday time to participate in the work, and actively participate in the county, hometown organization All kinds of planting technical training, continuously improve the level of planting management technology.

After 3 years of careful care, the sandy orange cultivated in Tang Xiangfang in 2019 won the harvest, about 10,000 yuan of income. After the completion of Tang Yufang’s sandy orange orchard, Tang Yufang took the initiative to absorb 10 households’ difficult households to fruit land workers. The picking season is up to 120 yuan per day. The annual income is about 8,000 yuan per person, driving difficult people to achieve poverty reduction .

At the end of 2019, Tang Yufang was rated as a leader in the bottom of Miao Nationality in Xilin County. "Comrade Tang Yufang is a young party member. She took the lead in developing the sofanteenge industry, led the masses in the village to get rich, and played a demonstration lead in rural revitalization.

"The old party members of the village are said.

Tang Xiangfang said that she develops sofancut planting in the village. On the one hand, she can adopt the employment of the masses through the development of the industry. On the other hand, I hope to lead more farmers to develop agricultural industries, and to achieve increasing, and help rural revitalization.

Walking up the right to discover the people’s condition to wait for the Golden General, the Gold will shine, Tang Yufang excellent performance and hardworking spirit is seen in the eyes by the cadres around them.

During the 2017-2020, during the Chairman of the Village Women’s Federation, she actively organized women in the village to carry out the "most beautiful family" selection activities; complete 29 people who visited the dilemma, stayed behind children; publicize the "two cancers" "four cancers" work to this village After completing the "two cancer" insurance in this village, 259 people were collected.

In February 2021, Tang Yufang’s high-pass is elected as the secretary of the head of the Party Party, director of the village committee.

"I will do my best to contribute to my hometown!" Tang Yufang said firmly in the confidence.

As the "new official" just taking office, the first question in Tang Xiangfang is the construction of the style of the style, since the promotion of the country style, with the "two high" "two" "two" "side", the house style The transformation is focused, and the bottom of the village is the Wei Lizhen, Xiaowei Lizhen, and Lin Shu have become an environmental remediation boutique demonstration village. Yang’s Yang’s Yangzhong’s problem that needs to be repaired by a sewage tube when building a demonstration village, and has been unwilling to carry out the work, and Tang Yufang is driving, leading the "two committees" cadres in the village, and the work team will visit. Households, patient with Yang explained, and finally giving the consent of the household construction, the construction of Linchang is successfully carried out.

As of the end of July this year, the accumulated investment of 1.67 million yuan of Linchang has completed the construction, and the village is full of newness.

"In the past, the health of our door was really difficult. Now I look at it. I will look at the whole clean. Thanks to the small Tang Branch lead us to carry out environmental remediation. Now I can live so comfortable." Luo Bi Bingjie, the people of Lin Fang, praised this branch . On behalf of the Demonstration, he was responsible for the vocabulary of the Minqin. In July this year, Tang Yufang also was elected as the party representative and the people of the people in the county. The new identity means new responsibility, but also means that Tang Fufang is also more able to spread out of the "sound" of the village to let more people hear. At the county party congress, Tang Yufang took the "heavy" proposal to participate in the meeting, and she put forward the current opportunities and challenges of the village, and also learned the good experience of other brothers villages.

As a representative of the county party representatives and the rural representatives, practical practices in the masses can play their functions.

Under the support of the superior party committees, the government and the county department, under the efforts of the "two committees" team leading to Tang Yufang, the undervast infrastructure has been fully improved, and the industrial development is steadily promoted, and the spiritual cultural and cultural life of the masses. "Next, in order to consolidate the expansion of the poverty, the results of the rural revitalization, we will continue to do a good job in industrial development and vigorously promote the industrial prize policy. At the same time, vigorously promote the new business entities of the pastoral, driving farmers to develop live pig breeding, Realize the diversification of the farmers industry. "Tang Yufang said.

As a result of the leader, Tang Yufang insisted that the masses of the industry will get more people to get rich; as a village book, she always sticks to the front line, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of the spirit of the tiredness infected everyone; as a county party Representative, the rural representative, she remembacious, shouldering the rights given by the people, do a good job in the people.

Today, she still walked on the road to seek happiness, lead the masses, and practiced a communist party member, a mission of a village cadre, and a song that wrote a rural revitalization! (Wei Su Xue Chenlin) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Ye Bin) Share more people to see.