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CCTV5 sports channel address of the 2019 Asian Cup Jordan vs Syria match
Jordan currently has 1196 FFA points, ranking 109th in the world, and 19th in Asia. In the Asian Cup Group B, 1 win, 1 win and 3 points are temporarily ranked first in the group.In the history of Jordan, it has entered the Asian Cup 3 times and 2 group qualifying, while Syria has entered 5 times in the main match and all of them broke the group stage.Jordan has 19 players in the 23-man roster for the national league. The number one star is 21-year-old winger Altamari in the Rivets League. He is also the only player in the team to travel to Europe.In the first round of the Asian Cup group stage, they defeated the defending champion 1-0 in the first round. The team contracted the deadlock after scoring a corner kick in the first half, and kept 3 points in the case of only 27% of the ball possession.The number one star winger Altamari has contributed 1 shot and 1 pass on behalf of the national team in the last two games and participated in all the team’s scoring in 2 games.(Asian Cup match schedule) (2019 Asian Cup match result prediction) (Asian Cup winners) (National Football Team’s latest 25-man list) (National Football Team prepares for the Asian Cup to stay in a five-star hotel) (Asian Cup referee list) (Asia”””””””””””””””””””””””” “””””” ranked 74th in the world, and 6th in Asia ranked second in the Asian Cup Group B with 1 tie and 1 tie.The two teams have fought in Syria nearly 6 times with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, with a win rate of 50%.The number one star of Syria, Al Soma, is worth 7.5 million euros, ranking 7th in the Asian Cup players’ single worth list. The single worth exceeds the total value of Jordan’s opponent.Syria faced the weakest opponent in the first round of the Asian Cup group match. The team played one more person after 70 minutes but had no advantage in the scene to break the goal. In the end, the opponent was tied 0-0.In the three warm-up matches that Jordan participated in before the Asian Cup, 1 draw and 2 losses totaled only 1 goal, including 0-1 loss to the weaker Kyrgyzstan.(Prediction of Jordan vs. Syria) The analysis of the game shows that from the board strength, Jordan can only be regarded as a second-rate in Asia, while Syria can also be considered as a team that has entered the World Cup playoffs. The overall configuration and strength of the board is still slightly stronger than Jordan.  This Asian Cup can be said to refresh our understanding of the absolute strong team. We must know that due to the mercenary team (planning players), the weak team is not weak, and Jordan can be upset 1-0 in the first round of the group stage.Beating Australia, in addition to the reasons for Australia’s poor performance, the more important thing is that the mercenary Jordan has really done a good job in the stability of the midfield and backcourt.  From the perspective of this group, for Jordan, since the first round defeated and defeated the strong champion, this game, mentality and confidence will be better, this game does not rule out continuing to use the tactics and goals of the previous roundTo give up the frontcourt, tough midfield and backcourt, is directly counterattack; and Syria, because of the need to score points, this game will still want to attack.  Judging from the play and mentality of the two teams, Jordan is mainly defensive counterattack. Similarly, Syria is also a defensive counterattack. In fact, neither team has absolute control of the ball. Therefore, there will not be too many scenes in this game.The difference, who wants to get a better game, more may also be the reason for coping with more positioning balls and luck.  Judging from the current European index, Syria is more optimistic, but from the Syrian perspective, if you want to win this game, you must attack, and Jordan’s ability to counterattack is not bad (playing the United States)It has been proved), Syria is really not easy to play, plus the advantages of the first round, Jordan only needs an average to be able to steadily qualify, and even rank first in the group, with many advantages in mentality; then combined with the Asian Index,The defense against the bottom is very strict; from the past, the two teams can grind, and Jordan is a complete advantage in playing Syria; combining fundamentals and index, this field is optimistic about Jordan playing at least undefeated.