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“Because you look good,I just look at it!”I said。
Bai Anni gave me a cold look:“I don’t know you so well,Respect me!”
Before,I will remember her words,I’ll ignore it later!
That is my pride。
I have nothing to be proud of now,Pride is broken!
Now I only have to achieve my goal,Fierceness and persistence at all costs!
As long as I want,No matter how many obstacles there are,I will destroy it all,Vow not to stop……
I turn on the phone to see her photos and videos,Keep complimenting,Also made many sighs!
“Damn,Who is this little girl,Really bearable。It’s a pity that I didn’t have a braid,Cut a full bang,Wear a small belly,Otherwise it will be more bearable!”
I haven’t finished,I got a punch on the shoulder。
“get out,Do you hate?”
Bai Anni has a smile in her eyes,Coquettish。
This feels right!
I smiled and held her small fist,Suddenly put it to her mouth and kissed the back of her hand。
Her face turned red in an instant,Suddenly opened my little hand and pinched my nose,Gave me a hard grip!
That’s so sour,I almost never got sent away。
Holding his nose,Tearful。