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We also went to find that guy to collect the house,But that guy made a price of 20 million,Do you think this is possible?
Yangshan doesn’t mind splashing dirty water,Anyway, there are some things no one can say clearly。
“impossible?How could Qin Feng be so greedy??”
“This thing is also very possible,Are we continuing to sell the house now??”
“Mary next door,I can’t make that much in my life,And you don’t want to think about it,If this vegetable field is gone one day,Then what will be here??Back to the poor days before??”
Some people were arranged by Yangshan in advance,His purpose is to interrupt people’s thoughts,This way he can fish in troubled waters。
This is not,A group of people were also persuaded by the people he arranged,That is to continue selling the house。
Suddenly,There are more than 30 houses sold。
Qin Feng’s family also has a special guest,The old village chief came here in a wheelchair,The person pushing him turned out to be Huang Longwen。
“Qin Feng,I’m sorry。”When the old village chief saw Qin Feng,He said with a sad face。
“Old village chief,Is there something wrong with you?”Qin Feng looked at the old village chief with some doubts,He has never heard of the injury of the old village chief,What’s the situation?
“Ugh,Misfortune,That Nizi actually sold my house。”
The old village chief was also angry,Otherwise,He wouldn’t be in a wheelchair。
Long Wen said with a smile:“Come on,Old village chief,You are already this age,You don’t need to worry so much,You go to the city and enjoy the blessing,Anyway the money is on you,Those grandsons have to honor you too。”
Say it like this,But the old village chief is not reconciled。
Qin Feng said with a smile:“Old village chief,If you don’t want to go to the city,There will also be nursing homes here,Do you want to come?”
“Nursing home?”The old village chief knows this,But he hesitated:“Expensive?”