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Others present heard the news,In shock,I gradually figured out something。
It seems that Wu Hao is really dependent on,Don’t intend to depend on anyone,And in fact,He has Bairimen, a great backer,I don’t need to look at anyone’s face。
Even if it’s back to Fashen City with Princess Huanhai,It doesn’t necessarily mean that he really wants to go to Fashen City for development,And most likely to represent Bairimen,Talking about business with the three great cities。
but,Such a result,Whether it is His Royal Highness the Sixth Prince,Or His Royal Highness King Ning,I can barely accept it。
As long as Wuhao and Bairimen forces don’t fall to any of them,For them,The situation is still unpredictable,It’s too early to win or lose!
Only the face of Princess Huanhai was surprised,Then smiled,But in my heart I’m scolding this Wuhao,Actually moved all the princesses out as a shield,He never said that he would return to the God City with this palace!
but,Since Wu Hao said it in public,It shows that he really intends to visit Fashen City,This is for Fashen City,It’s not a bad thing。And the agreement with him is not yet complete。
and so,Princess Fantasy Sea certainly won’t expose his lies,I can only pinch my nose to recognize。
“cough,cough!”at this time,His Royal Highness Fu Wang who has been half asleep,Finally stood up slowly,I coughed twice first,And then said casually:“right now,The king announced,Wuhao’s Aoki Seed Team,First place in this seed competition!”
“The top five teams in this seed competition,Are eligible to enter the inner city of Tianzun,Accept the fusion ceremony。All magic weapons are provided by Tianzun God Court,The rank of the gods depends on the ranks you get!Eligibility for admission,Valid for three days,Please make an appointment with the competition officials for the entry time。”
After Fuwang Ichiban’s preaching,,This year’s seed contest finally ended,The audience burst into cheers。
no doubt,This year’s seed contest,Not only the results were unexpected,And the players’ strength is much higher than the previous ones,Full of highlights,Absolute value。
And even if it’s the unfortunate King Ning,Nothing to say,Because the last leg of the contest,Make an exception to let Liuyun Cthulhu accept Wu Hao’s challenge,To feast their eyes on everyone present。
If Liuyun Cthulhu killed Wu Hao on the spot,The seed team of Prince Ning’s Mansion immediately took the top spot and became the first,It’s a pity,Liuyun Cthulhu was beheaded by Wu Hao,Suddenly achieved the other side’s reputation。
The name Wu Hao,From this moment,Destined to resound through the city of God,Well-known,Become a new generation of legendary idols。