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This slap came very fast,And it’s very powerful,Qiao Tianyu has no time to dodge,Was beaten and shook his head and turned,Staring at gold stars。
“I.”Was slapped in the face inexplicably,Qiao Tianyu immediately became angry,Raise your hand and call back,But when he sees that the person mad fanning himself is Michelle,The right hand that was raised just now comes down again。
“Michelle,you.You are crazy!What are you hitting me for?!”Although Qiao Tianyu has“stop”,But still unconvinced and asked。
“What are you doing?It’s you!Are you fucking short-sighted?,Where is this place, you dare to go alone?!” Michelle angrily shouted at Qiao Tianyu。
“If it wasn’t for the people I sent to follow you to find you here,Can you fucking get out alive?!”
“Hahaha,Michelle,Did you finally admit that you sent someone to follow me??”Qiao Tianyu pointed at Michelle and said with a smile。
“I.”Michelle suddenly realized that she was too anxious to say the wrong thing just now,Quickly cover your mouth with your hands,But she reacted quickly。
“Joe,What do you mean?Did you already know that I sent someone to follow you??”Michelle asked in surprise。
“Haha,What do you think?How else would I dare to break into this Longtan Tiger’s Den alone??”A mysterious smile appeared on Qiao Tianyu’s face。
“Oops mecao!Got your plan!”Michelle patted his forehead,Scolded in her extremely authentic Beijing accent。
“Used by you again!Qiao Tianyu, you bastard,From now on, whether you are alive or dead,I won’t worry about eating carrots,I won’t be fooled by you anymore!Pooh!”
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“Hahaha,Hope so!”Qiao Tianyu said with a smile,“OK,I’m not kidding you,Let’s do business first!”
“Do business?What’s up?”Michelle still has a mission,The eyes are shining green。