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“Ok,Call Director Tan back at lunchtime。”
“do you know?Sometimes I think you are too serious。”Lu Yuxin said suddenly。
“Ok?”Wang Yufei was stunned,Where does this evaluation start?
“You should relearn how to have a sense of humor。”
“it is good,I will try my best to learn!”
The work in the morning went very smoothly,In fact, as long as the previous plan is sufficiently detailed,And implement step by step in accordance with the established standards,Usually goes well。
Of course, there will be some accidents occasionally,For example, the laboratory process is not up to standard,Or there is nothing wrong with the process,But in the end the test is always unqualified。
This happened in the production process of Xiaozhi,But not many times,A slap can be counted。And generally speaking, the project will not be shut down for long due to these problems,A solution can be found in up to three days,Or directly replace it with an alternative。
But anyway,Work goes well,Always in a good mood。
And Ge Lingyue doesn’t know where he recruited the back chef team,Not only the Chinese food is delicious,Western food also made old John and Jackson full of praise,This makes people feel more happy。