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White blood cell is a large type of cell,Neutrophils(Most common)、Eosinophil、Lymphocyte、Base、Monocyte5kind。Among them, neutrophils have the most,Eosinophils,Percentage may only1,Generally do not exceed5。But at this time, Mr. Liao’s eosinophils occupy white blood cells.50NS,This is very rare situation。
General bacterial infection,Often is the primary granulocyte elevation。What does eosinophilicity mean??The old horse is like laughing and laughing, and the pressed doctors,The purpose is to test his basic knowledge.。After all, this is the most basic knowledge.,Textbooks have speaking every day。
Parasite??Prescent doctors out of mouth。
The old horse finally laughed.,It may be parasitic infection that elythyrosis may be parasitic infection,But not always parasite,More common is some allergic diseases,Specifically to this patient,Never ignore intestinal allergic diseases。There are also some blood system diseases, which can also lead to elevated eosinophils.,Such as eosinophilic white blood cells,Right?
Prescent doctors seem to be nodded。
But there is a problem with this patient’s liver,Everything is too early,FirstCTDo it again。DoCTBefore,We have to ask the history history.,Ask patients with no parasitic infection。in addition,What parasite infections can cause diarrhea、Bloating?Horse asking a pressed doctor。Not,I am in the emergency department for so many years.,I have never seen how many parasite patients,So experience is not rich than you,This time, we have to study hard.。
Amita、Chinese branch、Aworm, etc.。Prescent,He just left the school,Therefore, infectious diseases in the textbooks are more familiar。
If he leaves a stool,Fortress to find eggs,Maybe there is a discovery。The old horse smiled and said。
The old horse with the pressed doctors answer the patient’s bedside,Asked Mr. Liao,Where is the hometown?,Have you reached a fresh water lake?,Is there a habit of eating fish and shrimps, etc.。
Mr. Liao said that he is a Hunan person.,But it has been in Guangdong for several years.,Usually like hot pot,Occasionally eat fish、Tian Chicken, etc.。
Is it cooked to eat??Old horse。
Not baked,Be a fish,Sauce。Mr. Liao said。
The old horse didn’t ask other times.,DirectBSuper results and blood routine results tell Mr. Liao,Said that there is currently suspicion of liver cancer、Liver abscess、Parasite infection, etc.,UndergoCTLet’s say,See if you want to be hospitalized or how。
Mr. Liao is somewhat nervous,J,I heard that doubts are suspicious.。Especially so young。Originally, young people should not first consider liver cancer.,But Mr. Liao said he often drinks the payment.,Also often drunk。
So his concerns are reasonable。
Fortunately,CTfinished,Liver cancer。
Or should be said,Unlike liver cancer。CTEnhanced scanning abdomen is very meaningful for diagnosing liver cancer,Or don’t basically have a clear statement,now thatCTUnlike liver cancer,That is basically not liver cancer.。
Mr. Liao has a long breath。
CTSuspected that several low-density stoves in the liver are inflammatory changes。But not ordinary liver abscess。
In order to further assess the treatment of the disease,Mr. Liao finally retired,Income Internal Medicine。
The first check after the income is to keep the stool。
Fortress to find eggs。
At the same time, review blood routine,Still see high rat spectrum of eosinophils,50about。Almost all young doctors are very curious about what is the diagnosis of such high eosinophils.,Will it really be parasitic infection?。
Don’t guess,The result is back.。
Stool,See parasitic eggs。And it is a chistlechioma egg!
Please invite the infectious doctor consultation on the same day.。Infectious doctor,Start analysis of the condition,Said that since the stool finds the egg,So diagnosis is determined.。
Chinese branchic syringe is a parasitic,People are its end host,When people or animal raw or semi-eaten fresh water fish shrimps,The larva will survive in the duodenum,Not only will it be eliminated by gastric acid and intestinal fluid,Instead, it will break the pitch to form a hinder。Tempillar Most in the gallbladder、Hepatobiliary tube to the liver tube。
Some people are infected with Chinese syndrome without symptomatic,Just find the eggs in the stool。Some people will have hepatitis,Fragmentation、Hepatic area pain, etc.。Some people are gastrointestinal disease,Expressed as chronic diarrhea、Sloppy、Bloating、The appetite is not good, etc.,In front of this patient,It is estimated that gastrointestinal disease type。If you don’t find it in time,Sustainable progress,Cirrhosis may occur,At that time, I am trouble.,Many complications in the late liver hardening,It is very tricky。Infectious doctor said。
to be honest,Patients like to eat fish。Infectious medical doctors added a sentence。We have a lot of cases in Guangdong,Guangxi、Hainan is also a lot。And in recent years, it seems to be more common.,Mainly, everyone’s eating habits。Guangdong people eat,There is feet on the ground,In addition to a stool,All eat。
Ha ha,Can he not a Cantonese?。Take the doctor’s bed。He is Hunan。
Then he came to Guangdong.,Customized in the hometown。Several doctors are more relaxed。Patients found reasons,That’s good。The key is,Current inspection found,Disease is not serious,No hepatitis B,No cirrhosis。Give deworming treatment should be healed,Infectious doctor said。
He is still good,There is no pest row,Only insect eggs。I diagnosed an example of a patient before a month.,It is a weight infection, Huayi-assisher,There is a large number of adults from feces after treatment.,All our cute girls are gone.。Infectious medical doctors continue to say。
treatment,Insecticidal treatment。
Using pirazanone。A very fierce insecticide。