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“He looks good on the surface,And greedy for money,But still very clever in his bones,Mr. Wen must not be blinded by his appearance“Lan Ling whispered。
Wen Shuilong said with a smile:“I only saw his brother when he was the mayor,Otherwise I will ignore him。As for this tonight,Actually he can’t come,I will do it too,After all this happened on our turf,And these people know too much,Can’t ignore them“
“Ok!Wen’s thoughtful consideration,So maybe we all go to work tomorrow night?“Lan Ling lowered her voice and asked。
Wen Shuilong thought for a while and said:“Not urgent!This time is an anti-gang operation led by the city government,We can’t hit the limelight,Let everyone rest for a few days,Wait for my news“
“it is good!I listen to your news,It’s late,We should go back“When Lan Ling said this,Secretly glanced at the warm water dragon。
Wen Shuilong took a breath and said:“Can’t be with you tonight,Which tigress from the house is here,Wait till she leaves“Wen Shuilong said,Started the car。
First1152chapter Mother’s taste
Sometimes bad things turn into good things。
No one would have thought,Hu Huiru and Xia Jian secretly join forces。The Nancheng New District in Qingshan County has just started construction,More than 200 houses have been booked in advance,This incident caused a sensation in Qingshan County for a while。
Xia Jian and Hu Huiru know this in their hearts,They reached an agreement privately,The first developed house,Got a batch of resettlement houses。Thus,Those who have been demolished in Beicheng District have hope,Looked at the house under construction,That’s why they moved out slowly。
quickly,The demolition work in Beicheng District has begun。When Hu Huiru heard the news,She almost jumped in the hotel with excitement。It’s not easy,Xia Jian is still smart,One meal helped her solve two big problems in her mind。
When I think of Xia Jian’s expression,Hu Huiru will feel in a daze。These days,This kind of weird feeling made her feel incredible。
same,Xia Jian is also very happy these days,First, the financial center Dongsheng Group successfully settled in,Second, the house in Nancheng New District of Qingshan County has just started construction,More than 200 houses were booked out,And what makes people happy is,Hu Huiru as agreed,Paid over。