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In the Gallean Valley, this elongated canyon in the western border of Kakun Mountains, the thrust, and the rock.

Here is the western part of the motherland, and it is also the first line of guarding peace.

A officers and soldiers from the north of Tianzhai, taking into the mountains, standing up the ice peaks, using blood and youth. The Chinese People’s People’s Liberation Army is a step camp, and it is stationed above this. The Camp Camp Chang Chen Hongjun (above), information photo.

He Lisu, Xinhua News Agency, the outstanding representative of the revolutionary soldiers in the new era, stick to the plateau border against many years, leading officers and men to complete various urgent difficulties. In June 2020, Chen Hongjun was ordered to bring the team to the front line to implement the emergency support task. In the battle with the foreign army, he was fighting, swearing unyielding, defending the country’s core interests and saving the country’s core interests.

Chen Hongjun was awarded the "July One Medal" by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Effuclute, successful, rescue head, June 2020, and the foreign army will openly violate the consensus with us, and the line is set up.

According to the convention and agreement of the border incident and the agreement before the two sides, the group of a border army, who is the sincerity of the negotiations, and only a few officers and men, and the river is overridden in front of the river. During the negotiation process, the other party ignored our sincerity. In the early morning, there was a premeditiously hidden, mobilized a lot of force, and attempted to force us to retreat with people.

Chen Hongjun, who rushed to the point of reinforcement, after learning the news of the head of the head, and rushed into the people to rescue, did not care, heroic battle, successfully rescued Qi Bao, but he didn’t come out again. Dilut Changqu Yuanzhen clearly remember, when the departure, Chen Hongjun hit his hand and solemnly promised: "I want to bring you safely, but also bring you a lot!" The head of the head is in front Blocking the foreign army, the battalion for the long, the warrior rescue, the class long saves the soldiers. Review the battle, an commander said emotionally, my officers and soldiers have the same desire, and life and death is the key to this battle with less than a lot. After the battle, "Ningcommined blood is full of blood, no land is one inch" was written in the helmet, and "learning hero, as heroes" becomes their common beliefs. From Xiaomei, be sure to put on this army, Ding Nummy, and Chen Hongjun worshiped the soldiers in the country since Xiao, he told Mother: "One day, I must wear military uniforms.

"In 2009, Chen Hongjun graduated from local university. This has passed the public security special police recruitment exam, and he can hear the news of the recruitment, and finally enter the hot military camp. Take the plateau is because of ideal, stay in the highlands of test belief.

Unable to get rid of the cold oxygen, full of desert glaciers, long winter Fengshan … The busty "Party is dry, you will do it", the borderless loyalty, shoulders "The front of the side is here, the motherland, please rest assured" brave, Chen The Red Army adheres to the spiritual highland of countless border guards with life, and the root is dedicated to fight against the fight against the fight.

Wang Lijun, the governance commission, said that the Chen Hongjun has served as a long, staff, even long, tiers, stock long, battalion, and multiple transformations, each post is exhausted, showing excellent performance.

"Chen Hongjun is a scholastic, military aspects can be described as zero basis. After two consecutive long, he will soon master armor expertise.

"Wang Wei, who has served as two instructor, said that the drilling of the old partner is sigh.

In order to let the troops can stand in the plateau, beaten, Chen Hongjun led the whole camp to prepare for the whole body, whether it is a common curriculum or professional training, he always riveted with the soldiers on the training ground. When I exercised the class every morning, Chen Hongjun took the tactics with comrades, and demonstrated guns on the stone.

Usually, you will die together, and we die in the same life.

When I talked about Chen Hongjun, the officers and men said: "The long, I also want to be your soldiers!" Brave is fearless, inspiring people to continue "Chen Hongjun is a person who makes people feel very warm." Xiao Xiwen Talking to the days since love with the husband, a few degrees of swallowing, "Although it is thousands of kilometers, I can receive the gift of him.

"Recalling the days of each vacation, Xiao Xi:" When I am still sleeping in the morning, he will go to the supermarket in advance, then I will give him three meals a day.

That is the happiest time.

Chen Hongjun almost made all the efforts into the construction and implementation mission, and the wife, the wife, the concern for the family can only be deeply hidden in the bottom. Usually only in the work, Chen Hongjun can pass the video and family A few sentences. Xiaozhi clearly remember that his last time and Chen Hongjun is in June 2020, when she has been pregnant for more than 5 months. This call has also become the last memory of Chen Hongjun’s last memory.

On October 25, 2020, Chen Hongjun’s son was born. This day is the Chinese People’s Volunteer Anti-US Aid Korea. "Your father is called Chen Hongjun. It is a liberation army. You must use him for example …" Chen Hongjun’s mother often lives to the baby.

The hero is brave enough, only because of the responsibility. Chen Hongjun used his life to practice the vows of "Iron Boxing Bier and Loyal Guard, the Mountain River inch". "

Chen Hongjun’s blood sprinkled, the comrades came to the sacrificial land of the martyrs, and the vows of the "big rivers and mountains, the soil" of the Gulu Wanhe Valley, and the young border guards were still like Chen Hongjun. Stick to here, guarding the border line of the motherland.