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  This newspaper Beijing March 26 (Reporter Si Fang) In the early morning of the 26th, the 2021 flower sliding World Championship held in Swedish Stockholm, China players Sui Wenjing / Han Cong will be fully characterized The second high fraction of the field, plus the previous short program, and they got the double slide army of this World Championship with the total score. Influence of injured, Hi Wen Jing, Han Cong until the beginning of this year, it will resume ice training. As Hanong said after the game, the current combination of strength only returns to 780%, in which case the World Championship has been It is very difficult. Two pairs of Russian portfolios.

For the first time, the young combination of the stage of the World Championships, Mishna / Canaviamov won the leader of the total dividends / Han Cong.

The first Russian combination of short programs is better than Yakova / Kozlovsky finally obtained bronze medals.

  "We have done the best performance in the field.

After recovery from injuries, we trained for two months, and the game was completed than imagined. It is not the best state now, and we need time to recover. Sui Wen Jing said. The other pair of Chinese portfolio Peng Cheng / Jin Yang’s total score is divided into points, and it is the fifth place. (Editor: Zhao Xin Yue, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.