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Datong International Luang imported meat designated inspection site switch and Datong electronic port launching ceremony. Xinhua Net (Yin Jie) Xinhua Net Taiyuan August 30 At the launching ceremony held on the 28th, Zhang Ji Fu, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Committee, Datong Municipal Party Committee, announced that Datong International Luang imported meat designated inspection field official switch, Datong electronic port officially launched. This means that the history of the export-oriented port function is ended, and new chapters open to the outside world. Datong International Lu Port started construction in June 2016, planned to invest 5.6 billion yuan, a total of top ten ribs such as bonded logistics centers (B), national miscellaneous grain quarantine testing centers. At present, some of the functional districts, including imported meat specified inspection fields have been completed, and some business began to operate.

  Datong Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary, Mayor Wu Hongwen, said that Datong International Lu Port is Datong to fight for the open bridgehead of Shanxi to open the "screwdrivers".

The switch operation of Luang will invest new motivation in the development of Datong export-oriented economic development while helping the development of Datong. Set card channel.

Xinhua Net (Yin Jie) According to the introduction, the start of the Datong electronic port will provide low-cost and high efficiency trade facilitation services for Datong and surrounding import and export enterprises.

After the completion of the international landing project, it will help improve the radiation agglomeration capacity in the Datong region, optimize the improvement of import and export product structure, and cultivate the formation of foreign trade competition.