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People’s Network Beijing June 2 (Reporter Luo Zhi) According to the official website of Beijing Local Financial Supervision Administration, the "Beijing Color Tactian Digital Carnival" activity will open, the event will be successfully appointing and signed through the "Jingcai Platform" Consumers have issued 200,000 digital renminbi "Jingcai" red envelopes.

Each "Jingcai" red envelope amount is 200 yuan, and nearly 2,000 specified merchants in Beijing without threshold consumption.

The "Jingcai Platform" open time is June 5th, the registration deadline is 24 o’clock on June 7th. "Jingcai Platform" is officially opened from 0:00 on June 5, there is no need to log in in Beijing personal consumers (subject to mobile phone GPS), you can pass the Bank of China Mobile Bank App, China Industrial and Commercial Bank Mobile Banking App By Click Activity Page or search "Beijing Color Struggle" "Beijing Digital Renminbi" and other key words to enter the "Beijing Lottery Platform" appointment.

At the end of June 7th, the registration deadline is over, after the registration, the list of lottery system is drawn, and the signed consumers can download the digital RMB APP and open a personal digital wallet according to the SMS SMS and open a person’s digital wallet to obtain a digital RMB "Jingcai" red envelope. "Jingcai" red envelope can be used in designated merchants at 9:00 on June 11th to 24:00 on June 20, and the list of merchants can be found in the "Beijing Color Platform". What are the conditions for participating in the red envelope appointment? A: Personal appointment must be met at the same time: First, the location of the appointment is in Beijing (subject to GPS positioning); Second, the mainland mobile phone number and the second-generation resident ID card number are used for appointment registration.

Can the non-Beijing household registration personnel in Beijing? A: You can make an appointment. How can I make an appointment, is it first come first? A: This "Jingcai" red envelope issued the "lottery lottery" decision, not the first to first served, no need to fight. Appointment time: June 5, 2021 00:00 – June 7, 2021 23:59, eligible individuals can enter the "Jingcai Platform" by specifying App. How to check the result of personal sign? A: Two kinds of query methods.

First, the event organizer will authorize Bank of China to push the signed or unmisting information to the user’s successful users through SMS. Second, users can also pass the Bank of China Mobile Banking App, Industrial and Commercial Bank Mobile Bank App enters the "Jingcai Platform" to query lottery results.

What is the rule of the red envelope? A: Users need to use in digital RMB "Jingcai" red envelopes (June 11th from 9:00 to June 20th, 23:59), exceeding the validity period, digital RMB "Jingcai" red envelope will be recycled and returned provider.

Digital RMB "Jingcai" red envelope can be used in designated merchants, and the merchant list can be found in the "Jingcai Platform".

What should I do if the consumption amount is greater than the digital RMB red envelope? A: You can recharge the digital renminbi to make consumption; you can also use other settlement methods to supplement.

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