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2017 NBA All-Stars East and West starting five tigers announced
On January 20th, Beijing time, the 2017 NBA All-Star voting results were officially released.  The starting five tigers in the east are LeBron, Adetokounmpo, Butler, Irving and DeRozan.  The Western Conference starting five tigers are Anthony Davis, Durant, Leonard, Harden, Curry.  The all-star voting mechanism in this sector has undergone some changes from the previous rankings. It is no longer entirely decided by the fans. The voting results of fans only account for 50% of the weight, while the votes of players and the media each account for 25%.It may be for this reason that the Warriors center Pachulia, who has been leading in the first two rounds of votes, failed to enter the All-Star starter.  In the East, LeBron’s selection is not surprising. In terms of fan voting, he won 1.89 million votes and is the king of the current All-Star Game. This is the 13th consecutive All-Star period in his career.Also selected within the Cavaliers are Irving. This season he averaged more than LeBron’s play per game. His fans voted 1.7 million.  Butler’s Bulls have made significant progress this season, rather than adversely affecting Butler. His iron man played the best season of his career, and being selected as an All-Star starter can be regarded as a kind of affirmation to him.His fans voted for 690,000.  The addition of the letter brother Adetokumbo is a strong rise. At just 22 years old, he can average 23 this season.7 points 8.7 rebounds 5.6 assists 1.8 steals and 2.Twice once, all the first in the team, he got 1.6 million votes, second only to LeBron and Irwin in the east.  DeRozan had an explosive level of competition at the beginning of the season. His interference with the CIC is unsolvable for many teams. Currently, DeRozan is averaging 28 in a pair.2 points ranked fifth, his fans voted for 800,000.  In the West, some of Wei Shao’s defeat was somewhat regrettable, but Harden’s performance this season is convincing. Although Curry’s status is in position, the Warriors’ record is still the first in the league.In terms of fan voting, Curry got 1.85 million votes, Harden had 1.77 million votes, and they all had a certain distance from Victor’s 1.58 million votes.  In the western frontcourt, Durant received 1.77 million votes, the second-ranked Pachulia was 1.53 million votes (rather than entering the starter), and the third and fourth were Leonard’s.1.06 million votes and Davis’s 970,000 votes.Green ranked fifth in the western frontcourt with 910,000 votes, but it was not enough for him to directly enter the starting list, but he should be no problem entering the bench.Further reading: The 2017 NBA All-Star Game bench list Wei Shaoxiao Thomas leads the 2017 NBA All-Star Game