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Fatty Yan can’t stand up under the opponent’s stunts,It’s equivalent to losing the face of others!Master Wuhao doesn’t want face?Of course he will show his true ability to clean up him!
With the blessing of Anger Slayer,Let’s open the sky again,Who can stop?
Facing a life and death decision,Defensive master guards the copper without fear,He knows the next knife,I can’t stop it,And will die,But he calmly faced,Instead, a rash smile appeared on his face。
For a defense master,Can die under the strongest attack,Die well,This is a fateful duel!
Don’t look at this butcher-like guy,It doesn’t look like a samurai,But his temperament,And his attitude,Is the true brave of the gods!
Lu Menglin slowly raised the angry sword soldier,The light energy in the body floods into the magic weapon like a tide。
In a blink of an eye,This Anger Slasher becomes dazzling,There is a layer of crystal clear jade on the body,That is the light pattern energy is too strong,The light that escapes after being too concentrated。
and,When this Anger Slasher was held by Lu Menglin in his hand,The most terrifying thing is not the power of the magic weapon itself.,It’s the accompanying tearing effect,That special,The tearing effect increased by a full fifteen times by the magic technology。
Lu Menglin knows very well,If I cut it out,No matter what defense master,Or what defensive array,Only one result,Is torn into flesh and blood,No more changes。
Fifteen times the tearing effect of the magic weapon,Even the leader of the Dark Dragon can cause damage,in other words,Even the strongest of the gods,Mostly he wouldn’t stand still,Let Lu Menglin’s Anger Slash God Slayer slash like this。
Not to mention that the 35th-level defense master is strictly guarding the bronze,Even if he adds the nine forty-two level fighters behind him,Ten times more people will have the same result。
and,This is not the strongest state of Lu Menglin,He is only energized with 40-level light pattern energy,The ghosts and gods at the bottom of the box have not been activated yet。
When this rage sword appeared,The master of defense strictly guards the copper already knows,I can’t stop this blow。
There was even a holy light on his face,Stretched a pair of iron arms to the extreme,The light energy on the body has been greatly attenuated,And disconnected from other people。
Because he knows,Even if you add those veterans,The same can’t stop the amplification effect brought by this angry sword weapon,Instead of dragging everyone to death,It’s better to block it alone。