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He blushes,Stuttering:“that,That one!Can you stop,Don’t let him die?”
This remark,All the people present were surprised,Especially those silver clothes instructors,Raised their heads one after another,Staring at this young man with a faint anger on his face。
Everyone knows,This boy and Dazechang formed Liangzi,On the Dongda duel stage,Daze Chang is one enemy two,Repelled him and joined forces with Wei Xiaoxing。
Is this kid’s heart so vicious?Even Daze Chang who is about to die will not let go?Do you have to humiliate him first??
“why?”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Asked rhetorically。
“That one.Just.I just think,Can’t you let him die?teacher,I do not know either!”He Bu stuttered when he was anxious,So anxious that he scratched his head hard。
The eyes of Wei Xiaoxing next to him turned quickly,He Bu,One step forward,Smiled:“Let me do it!He Bu and I lost to this guy in Dongda,Let him die like this,It’s too cheap for him!It’s better to save his life,Wait for us to practice for a while,Find him again,Beat him upright,Find this place!”
“We two are direct disciples of Teacher Lu,Can’t just lose to him like that!He Bu,dont you agree?”Wei Xiaoxing’s witty words are like beads,Tear down,In fact, the purpose is one,So that Dazechang didn’t have to cut himself。
He Bu is not as good as Wei Xiaoxing,But he is not stupid,Desperately nodded in agreement。
Lu Menglin couldn’t help laughing,I thought these two little guys are really interesting,To be beaten by them,I don’t seem to be in the mood to let that one-armed die。
“alright!It’s okay to let him be a whetstone,Little sister,Spare his life for now!”Lu Menglin opened the mouth,Not only Kasuga Hako,But everyone present heaved a sigh of relief,Dazechang’s bad life,I picked it up。
Dazechang was also full of consternation at this time,Stand on the spot。
He really didn’t expect,I can survive?Those two children are obviously repaying grievances with virtue,This too,Amazing!
He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing looked at each other,Smiles in both eyes,As if doing a great thing。
Wei Xiaoxing reaches for Dazechang,Loudly:“One-armed monster!Listen to Xiaoye!Up to half a year,We need you to single out!Don’t lose the chain when the time comes!Raise your arms in the past six months,Go to the red zone for a hard time!After half a year,I will kill you!”
Although this kid is screaming murderously,But everyone in the room couldn’t help but smile,Know he is bluffing,Help Dazechang fulfill his wish in this way,Send Dazechang to the red zone to fight with exotic monsters,Protect the family,Fang lives up to this life。