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Wang Teng now,I am a little envious of my good buddy。
Fortunately, he is not with Shen Yue,Otherwise let him know that Shen Yue is such a person,I don’t know in his heart,What do you think。
“Sorry,I think you must have misunderstood。”
“Actually I don’t like you at all,I think later,Let’s keep our distance!”
Wang Teng feels,this matter,I should still have this need to tell Shen Yue clearly。
Shen Yue’s eyes moved,Look towards Wang Teng,I never forget to speak directly to Wang Teng。
“Wang Teng,do not do that,Actually, Ding Jianxin and I were just playing around,I don’t like him at all。”
“The person i like,It is you!”
Listen to these words,Make sense?
I don’t know what Shen Yue said on earth,Anyway, Wang Teng,I can’t listen anymore。
“What are you doing?”
Shen Yue did not forget to speak to Wang Teng,But behind her,But Ding Jianxin’s voice came。
Shen Yue is a little embarrassed,She didn’t expect,Ding Jianxin will actually be here。
but now,How can this be explained?
Shen Yue also plans to step on two boats,Even if Wang Teng doesn’t agree,Ding Jianxin is also good for her。
however,How could Wang Teng give her this opportunity??
Such a woman,Don’t teach her a lesson,Will she continue to cheat others in the future?