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Standing on the stage with Cui Ronghao,Two people sing and play together,Cooperate tacitly。
When watching her,Cui Ronghao always smiled,So gentle、So spoiled,As before,never change。
Beautiful night,Bright lights start from the Central Business District,Played the music of the bustling city。
On the big screen of the stage,Playing the glorious history of Yidong Media in the past 15 years,Interspersed with the scenes of the upcoming real estate of Hengneng Real Estate from time to time。
Yushi promises in front of everyone,All employees of Yidong Media,Buy real estate under the name of Hengneng Real Estate with a work permit,There will be discounts。
Offstage,Is the cheers of the employees。
Zhao Haiyi is standing at the farthest place from the stage,Look lonely。
First62chapter Show affection
This anniversary celebration,Because of the arrival of Yushi,Cui Ronghao is very happy,More personable、energetic,The female employees who provoked Yidong Media had red eyes,Can’t wait to rush forward,Take down this top version of the Diamond King。
Unfortunately,In Cui Ronghao’s eyes, except for poetry,No one else at all。They can only be like nympho,Look at him from a distance。
After the event,Yu Shi just walked out of the hotel,I saw Ji Yunfeng leaning on the car door and waving to her,Then open the door,Made a gesture to invite her into the car,The movements are as smooth as flowing clouds、natural。
Yushi knows how to smile,Pretend not to be anxious,Walk towards him slowly。
“Season manager,You are on time!”Yu Shi supported him in the car,Smiled and praised。
“of course,Pick up my girlfriend on time。If it’s late,I’m afraid that other men will take the lead。”