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Mao Jianmin,Also took a breath,He said to the two men:“So we must solve the case as soon as possible,Bring the murderer to justice,Only in this way can the city be peaceful,Otherwise, our pressure will be even greater“
Several people are talking about this,Slowly disappeared into the night。
VIPIn the ward,Xia Jian’s eyes closed tightly,There is a thick bandage on his head,Because the injured is the head,So he can only lie sideways。
The liquid in the adjustment bottle has been changed to three bottles,Guo Meili stood up anxiously,The doctor said four or five hours later,Xia Jian under the action of drugs,Will wake up,But there is no movement at all?
Guo Meili glanced at his watch,Found it was five o’clock in the morning。at this time,There was a sound of footsteps in the aisle,Then Heiwa gently pushed open the door of the ward。
“come in!This is it“Xi Zhen has a quick eye,She saw,He whispered。
Heiwa rushed to Xia Jian’s bed in two steps,Read Xia Jian carefully and say:“Mr. Guo!I came with Mr. Xiao’s order this time,What he meant is that we will deal with it ourselves,Don’t get involved with the police,We must establish our own majesty in the flat city,The twenty people I brought,All veterans,Specially trained,So I think I have this certainty“
“Don’t rush to talk about it,President Xia is still in a coma,It’s up to him to decide when he wakes up。The person you brought here now,Divided into three shifts,Watch me at the door of the ward for 24 hours“Guo Meili said solemnly。
Heiwa nodded,He walked out the door of the ward quickly。Xi Zhen asked puzzledly:“Mr. Guo!Isn’t it a bit too exaggerated??“
First0799chapter Xia Jian wakes up
“Not exaggerated!”Xia Jianmeng opened his eyes,He said coldly。The pain in the brain made him frown。He seems to be awake long ago,He has heard the conversation between Guo Meili and Heiwa。
Xi Zhen and Guo Meili see it,The two asked almost in unison:“President Xia!you’re awake?”
“Take time to tell Ouyang Hong,Let’s solve this by ourselves“Xia Jian finished,Closed my eyes again,May be the cause of severe brain pain。
Guo Meili glanced at his watch,It’s six o’clock in the morning,The attending doctor will be at work in more than two hours,She just thought of here,The ward door suddenly opened,The attending doctor Li came in。