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Edge of the Wilderness,A place shrouded in clouds and stars。
This star‘Stars in the clouds’But a teleporting star。
Journey Between Endless Territories,Too difficult,So there are a lot of stars in every territory,Teleportation array,Can easily cross the borders。
Stars in the clouds,Because of its location on the edge of the wilderness,It was sent to the next door‘Qiheyu’。
Said it was next door,The distance between the territories is far away,Even greater than the length of the normal territory。
“This fellow,The teleportation array here is made by us‘Withered’In charge。If Daoists wait until they gather a thousand people,Just pay ten bottles of Chaos Spirit Liquid。If you are in a hurry, you have to send it directly,Ten directions of Chaos Essence at a time。”
Normal ancestor god ancestor fairy,It’s nothing more than wandering in the territory,Cross-boundary,Almost everything is in the world,Occasionally there is a great power。
The withered sect who controls this teleportation formation,In order to keep this teleportation array,Even long-term arrangements have been made for the three small thousand ancestors and two world realms to stay here。
The thin and dry looking man casually threw a magic weapon in storage,The inside is just a chaotic spirit。
“Quick start teleportation array!”
The two worlds were taken aback,Send the full price directly to‘Qiheyu’Still few。
Thin and dry man,Naturally Li Ming。
Eight million years ago,Shrine of God closed,Except for General Hui Lei, who left early for breaking through the realm, the five practitioners were removed from the temple。
As expected,Huangshen Daojun brazenly attacked him。
Because Senior Sister Yuanyu Daojun shot,But blocked the desolate god Taoist,And escaped easily back to the Tianqiong Sect。
Within the Zongmen,Due to the effects of many formations,Naturally, the god of desolation did not dare to attack。