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People’s Network Beijing July 27th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website news, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian hosted today’s routine press.

The reporter will be recorded as follows: Head CCTV reporter: Yesterday, the US executive Deputy Secretary of State Heman ended the visit. How do China evaluate Schiman’s trip to Tianjin? Does the interview with the talks have achieved the Chinese expectation? Zhao Lijian: Schiman’s executive Deputy Secretary of State Secretary of State This Tourism is another important diplomacy in China and the United States after Dialogue.

Although Sheiman only stayed for 24 hours, Wang Yi State Councilors and foreign ministers met, Xie Feng’s deputy director and his talks have been added 6 hours.

It should be said that both parties are very popular and enhanced mutual understanding. In the meeting, the Chinese clearly shows the views of the current Sino-US relations. It is believed that Sino-US relations are currently facing serious difficulties and challenges, and the next step is to have a huge question mark, which is a huge question mark. The US needs serious thinking and makes correct choices. China shows the attitude towards the US government’s policy, pointing out that the US new government has continued the wrong policies of the last government, and constantly challenge China’s bottom line, and increase the suppression of China.

In this regard, China resolutely opposed and firmly responded.

China pointed out that the root cause of US mistakes on China is the United States’ cognitive awareness, regarding China as "virtual enemy", regard China as the most important opponent, even enemies.

It is from such a cognition, the US will render the speculation "competition, cooperation, confrontation" three points, "starting from the strength status" and the so-called "rule-based international order" will only take interference China, China Snap the wrong words of discredit, damage the Chinese interests.

China urges the US to establish an objective correct understanding of China’s cognition, change susceptibility, correct mistakes, opposing China, mutual respect, fair competition, peaceful coexistence, and return to rational pragmatic policies. China has always believed that a healthy and stable Sino-US relationship is not only in line with the interests of both parties, but also the common expectations of the international community.

In this visit, I said that I would like to "responsible for managing bilateral relations". Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister’s three-point basic requirements for the United States, preventing the three-point basics of the uncontrol of Sino-US relations, and is also the three bottom lines of China. First, the United States must not challenge, destroying or even trying to subvert the socialist road and system of Chinese characteristics. Second, the United States must not try to obstruct and even interrupt China’s development process.

Third, the United States must not infringe on Chinese national sovereignty, and do not destroy the integrity of China ‘s territory. The US also put forward the establishment of "guardrail" for the two countries, and China emphasized that the establishment of the behavior of the Sino-US relations must be agreed by both parties. It must follow the principle of mutual benefit. It must be guided by the interests of the two sides. It must be binding on both parties. It is not possible to set up a behavior boundary to China unilaterally.

During the meeting, China was seriously clarified in the Chinese position on the new crown virus, Taiwan, Territory, Tang Hong Kong, Nanhai, and cyber security, etc. China also submitted two lists to the US.

I have already introduced yesterday.

One is required to ask the United States to correct its mistakes to China’s policies and words and deeds, a total of 16 items.

The other is a list of key cases concerning Chinese concerns, a total of 10 items.

The two sides also exchanged opinions on climate change, Iraqi, North Korean Peninsula, Afghan, Myanmar and other international and regional issues. There is a good cooperation in these issues, and there is also a wide cooperative space. However, China clearly stated that cooperation should be based on mutual trust and premise.

The US should show sincere, creative conditions, and cannot harm the Chinese interests, while I hope that there is unconditional cooperation between China.

During the diplomacy, there are differences and confrontation. Both sides believe that the meeting is conceive, deep, constructive, and believe that China and the United States keep communication very important, both parties need to carry out more dialogue. China News Service: How does China look forward to Sino-US relations after the visit? Zhao Lijian: What is the choice of Sino-US relations facing China-US relations. The middle attitude is very clear. Wang Yi State Members and Foreign Ministers said that both parties should find a different system, different cultures and different development phases, and even mutual benefit. "Let the bell must be a bell", we hope that the US will change the truth, choose the interior of the Chinese side, respect, fair competition, peaceful coexistence.

A healthy and stable Sino-US relationship is a good thing to both countries, and the world is also a gospel.

"Global Times" reporter: According to reports, on the 26th, Russian Prime Minister Mitchus in the South Qianwa Island is on the island, which is proposed to set up a special tariff area in the islands to attract foreign investment.

This will trigger Japanese protests. what opinions do the Chinese have on this issue? Zhao Lijian: I noticed the relevant report.

This is the issue of Russian and Japan bilateral relations, and should be properly resolved between the two sides. At the same time, the Chinese consistently advocates that the victory results of the world anti-fascist war should be respected and observed.

Recently, the US Yipos polls show that 36% of the United States believe that the US democracy is in the crisis, 50% believe that 75% believe that the current American political system is too divided, lack of constructive, 71 % Is believed that ordinary people lack the right to speak.

It has been analyzed that these civilian data shows that the US democratic system is difficult to remove, the prospect is worrying.

What comments have spokespersons? Zhao Lijian: This is what they call "democracy". Some politicians in the United States always live in the image of the so-called "Democratic Lighthouse", which is fascinated by the democratic scorpion interference, and the ideology penetration is performed. In fact, what they should do is to care about the democracy of their country! In addition to the Yipos Policy, June, Yougov’s polls also showed that only 31% of respondents expressed optimistic about the prospect of the US democratic system, and 59% were dissatisfied with the operation of the US democratic system.

Another poll show that 67% of the people believe that US democracy is threatened, and 52% of the people think that the national development direction is wrong.

Chinese ancient language said, "Knowing the rosers in Yu, the foundation of the country is in the grass."

Democracy is the common value of all humanity, and the political system is good. The key is whether this system can bring political stability, social progress, people’s livelihood improvement, whether it can receive people’s support and support.

A large pile of the United States’s own question, there is no eligibility to make the arrogance and prejudice of the high people, and put their so-called democratic models on others, and there is no qualification to fight the "small circle" for specific countries, malicious. Degrading or even "demonization" social system. What the US should do, a lot of people who think about their people think about it, anti-self-province, face and solve the democratic issues of their own existence.

AFP reporter: According to reports, Qin Gang’s deputy director will travel to the United States today to serve as ambassador to the United States. Can a spokesman confirmed? Zhao Lijian: Thank you for your concern. We will publish the relevant news in a timely manner.

Han Dian Press: Han Dynasty decided to restore the previous interrupted Nort-North Communication Liaison Channel.

Han Dynasty’s head in the near future, many times will also cause personal letter.

There was an analysis point that this laid the foundation for the rebound of the North and South dialogue. What is China’s comment? Zhao Lijian: I noticed that the Korean Dynasties have reached a consensus on the re-enactment of communication, recovering mutual trust, improvement relations.

As the neighbor of the Korean Peninsula, China has always supported the Han Dynasty to improve the relationship with the negotiation of dialogue. It is hoped that the relevant consensus and initiatives play a positive role in improving and developing Nort-North relations. India Broadcasting Company: India Hai employee said that China has implemented the "non-official ban" on the business ship containing the Indian crew, and this type of ship has been against such ships since March. Can a spokesman confirmed that what is the response? Zhao Lijian: After verification, the Chinese side did not implement the above-described so-called "unofficial ban". The relevant reports of the Indian media are not real. (Editor: Gao Song, Changhong) Sharing let more people see.