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Shura County, Kashgar, Xinjiang is the intersection area of ??Dongying City, Shandong Province. Recently, in Samania Township, Shuku County, a place called "Shura Love Love Town", the theme palace, the bonfire party, and the fruit picking garden attracted a large number of tourists.

"This is a cultural project built by Shandong Dongcian Agency this year, greatly driving the development of local tourism.

"Dongying Aid Cadres, Member of the Party Committee of the Toothya Township, Li Jianxing, Vice Vition, said.

"At 2020, the tenth batch of people in Dongying City, Shandong Province came to Shuku County to start a three-year root work. We sink the strength of talents, funds, technology and other people to township and help rural villages.

"The Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongying Aid Command and Commands Zhang Yixia.

Play professional technology advantage to help Zhang Baoying, cadres and cadres, and Bi Jianqiang moved the desk to Tagan Township in Shura County.

"In order to ensure the effective development of the country’s revitalization, we scientifically prepare an implementation plan, investing in the construction of the country’s environmental remediation, promoting the cooperative cooperatives of the Party Branch, and founded 19 village edible bacteria planting farmers professional cooperatives, vigorously Developing the cultivation of edible bacteria, achieving the villagers at home, helping villagers’ income to get rich. "Zhang Baoye said. Dongying City also took the lead in contributing to Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shuku County People’s Government jointly built Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Shura) Vegetable Industrial Technology Research Institute, established an expert workstation, carrying out expert consultation and technical training.

"We have born 22 vegetables and forests from Shandong Shouguang and other counties (cities). They enter the county towns and towns to provide technical consulting, training services and field technical guidance for local people, have accumulated services. More than 10,000 people were welcomed by the local people.

The Cui Yifu, the Cada, the Cada, said.

"Aid Xinjiang technical talents and experts give full play to their professional technical advantages, guide agricultural products, teaching agricultural technology knowledge, and cultivate a group of high skills and specializing in farmers." Wang Haicang, 11 village Party Branch, 11 Village, Thalang Towns.

Broaden increased the road to the road, the construction site, excavator, bulldozer, and roller crossing in the 17th village of Tamhong Township.

In the Work of Xinjiang, Dongying has introduced key enterprises and major projects for townships as an important starter of revitalization towns. This year, they introduced a number of modern agricultural leading companies for Tamaki Township, investing more than 300 million yuan to build "vegetables Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park and Wisdom Agricultural Industry Park. After all of the two projects were completed, it is expected that the annual output value is nearly 200 million yuan, and the local mass employment can be achieved. According to the work ideas of Dongying Aid "One Township" Ground greenhouse.

At the same time, special planting projects such as edible bacteria, Almu Dongxiang Boiphi, have also set up a new road that has become rich in farmers. Improve the capacity of people’s livelihood in Tham Township Center Health Center, the party branch secretary Wen Na pointed to a row of renovation of a new building: "In the past, the health center has been lost for a long time, and the medical conditions are also relatively backward.

Since May this year, Dongying has invested 8 million yuan to restroom 8 million. "In the Work of Xinjiang, Dongying has continuously extended medical treatment and education resources to the grassroots level to promote the Tamantan Center Health Center to strive for the first five-year hospital in Nanjiang. The 15 township hospitals remote consultation training system is upgraded. They also accelerated 5 primary schools in Bay Ren Towns to promote the construction of "Wisdom Classroom", and selected 2 people, teachers and 23 support college students to school, strengthen it. School teachers’ strength.

The Dongying Aid Command Organization The Minutes, the strength of the Xinjiang, and the promotion of rural rejuvenation is only a microcosm of Shandong to carry out the work of township aid. Shandong’s ten batch of 42 township aids, supporting 21 towns and towns in Kashgar area, in the construction of the construction of the Xinjiang project as a carrier, and continuously enhance the effectiveness and level of the aid.

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