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Sex yoga makes you feel happier the more you love it

The “sex yoga” practiced by both parties is actually a kind of whole-body activity to develop the energy of the mind and limbs. In the course of the practice, pay special attention to each other’s breathing rhythm and coordinated limb movements; therefore, it is accompanied by the enhancement of sexual abilityIt is better to say that it can “improve the strength and cooperation in the progress of mutual love.”

If the limbs of both parties have been opened to a sufficient degree of flexibility . Sex Q: I heard that the current “sex yoga” in the field can strengthen sexual ability, is it true?

  Answer: “Yoga” is an exercise that uses your own weight as strength, and “sex yoga” practiced by both parties is actually a whole-body sexual activity that develops the energy of the mind and limbs. In the process of practice, you need to be carefulMutual breathing rhythms and coordinated limb movements; therefore, it can be said that strengthening sexual ability can be said to “improve the strength and cooperation in the progress of mutual love”.

If the limbs of both sides have been opened to a sufficient degree of flexibility, they can make various sexual positions, and they will be willing to try them. Once, when the body opens up enough energy and strength, keep your position as long as possible.Favorite posture; if the sexual energy released by the two bodies coincide with each other, of course, you can experience the beauty of sex “one step further”.

  Q: My girlfriend’s personality is very shy. No matter how hard I try, I can’t ignite her passion for sexual behavior. Will we improve our practice of sex yoga together?

  A: Of course it will improve!

In addition, if she still can’t accept practicing yoga in the yoga classroom, I suggest you find a DVD teaching version of sex yoga, so you can practice at home behind closed doors.

If you first practice the posture that improves blood circulation, let the energy correct the blood gradually and gradually overflow the entire body between breathing; this will not only strengthen the secretion of gonadotropins, promote the health of women’s reproductive system, let the blood circulate in the pelvis, but also helpAs she relaxes too tight nerves and muscles, she greatly ignites her passion and fiery libido.

In the end, I would like to remind you of one thing and build mutual trust. The two-way communication between gentle words and the body is the basis of sexual relations.

  Question: Is Tibetan “Yu Jing” also a kind of yoga?

  A: Due to the particularly detailed description of the Sexual Love Festival, Tibet’s “Yue Jing”, which has been banned for many years, is more enthusiastic than many Indian classics. The reason is because of the core spirit of “Yue Jing”.The core concepts of equality, strengthening the energy of physical pleasure, and the “ethics of love” that open up the inner state of the mind are precisely the purpose of sex yoga.

In addition, the ecstatic ecstasy of Yu Jing is regarded as the door to the spiritual path; regardless of whether the two people’s love repair is really introductory, but for those who want to strengthen intimate behavior or sexual stimulation, it is really bigGood.

  Sexuality in India-Practicing Yoga while having sex India is actually a country with a leading culture.

Around the 5th century BC, kissing among Indians was already common.

An ancient Indian described in detail the technique of kissing with his mouth in his book Love Quotes.

From the 2nd to the 8th centuries AD, Indian monks who came to China often taught Chinese folks from India to the house.

In India, where sexual performance art is concerned, the traces of sexual desire can be regarded as the best decoration for women, rather than makeup or accessories.

  For example, Indian women put cinnabar on their eyebrows, which is said to be an imitation of kiss marks.

Unlike in ancient Chinese sexual positions, women were always in a humble position. In Indian-style sex, the two sexes have always been in an equal position.

The Indians think that women are in a high position, which is a very religious posture.

Sexual posture in Indian religion is often a religious religious ritual, and even includes meditation, yoga and other sports, so that men do not ejaculate early.

  Indian Sexual History In India’s sexuality postures, it is considered that the most worthy of learning is the “standing posture”.

Specifically, women’s genders lean back and climb their legs with their arms, and then men enter from the front; while women with boring and soft human torsoes should not try easily, they can almost spell with yoga moves.

There is another position where the female has one foot extended so that one foot reaches the waist.

This posture is said to be achieved by girls in Hindu temples from an early age. Those who are not trained should try not to try easily.

  What to learn from Indians?

  Yoga masters don’t forget to associate sex with yoga: during sex, breathe!

You can make your breathing deep and slow.

When your breathing is short and shallow, your body will be tense, your stimuli will increase, and stress will follow.

How can it be said to be the enjoyment of sex?

Therefore, when you have sex, breathe.

I don’t know how many of today’s Indians can do sex and yoga at the same time.