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Why 25-year-old women don’t turn white easily

Guide: In winter, people have a headache. No matter how much they put on the body, they always feel dry.

The small fine lines came out quietly.

As a senior beauty, you must adhere to the correct maintenance method, how can you achieve the ideal skin care effect?


hzh {display: none; }  疲劳时,睡眠不足时,情绪低落时……我们的肌肤都会变得又黄又黑,没有丝毫光泽而言,针对此种情况,皮肤科医生谓之为“暗沉”.
But what exactly is “dull”?

Usually, when we are over 25 years old, our skin often becomes dark, sometimes it looks like a layer of dirty yellow gas, and sometimes it feels ashamed.

Let us find out the four major factors of dull skin for you to overcome the invasion of Huanglianpo!

  1Granular chaotic surface characteristics: skin becomes dry, sagging causes analysis: aging, ultraviolet rescue method: the intensity of ultraviolet rays in sunlight can not be overlooked for the skin’s “killing power”, so you must not neglect to isolate sunscreen measures.

While fully enjoying the golden sun, you also need to know how to take care of your skin at all times.

  2Melanin accumulation surface characteristics: Take the height of the sacrum as the center, especially the cause of the dull analysis: UV rays throughout the year make melanin more concentrated.

  Rescue method: regular whitening and exfoliating treatments, and keep the sun in the sun on a sunny day.

Whitening, pay close attention to the golden age of “sweeping black”: It is time to clean up in the spring and summer seasons. At this time, whitening has the first effect. If you want to be a “WHITE girl”, how can you miss this golden period of blacking out!