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In Chen Geng’s mind, there was a poor girl who only existed in Ding Ruo’s cigarette holder.。but……
Chen Geng gave a shock,Said quickly:“Don’t don’t,Don’t call it uncle,I’m not a few years older than Ruoyan,Just call brother。”
Called uncle?
Really called uncle,How will I start in the future?Isn’t that an animal?。
Ding Ruoyan blinked,Look at Chen Geng,Look at my father again,Feel a little embarrassed:This person is the American Chinese boss?So young,See how old he is,Much younger than I thought,Just look at your face……Call a man who looks eighteen or nineteen years old as Uncle?That’s really shameful,But he and his father are brothers,I really should be called Uncle……But why do I think I have seen him somewhere?So familiar……
Comrade Ding doesn’t know someone’s idea of beating his girl,I don’t even know that my girl’s eyes are a bit wrong when looking at Chen Geng,He frowned,Somewhat embarrassed:on the one hand,He thinks Chen Geng’s words are not unreasonable,How old is Chen Gengcai?,Not a few years older than my daughter,Let the girl call him uncle,Not only call people old,I guess the girl is not happy;But on the other hand,What else can it be called uncle??
Of course, this question is not difficult for Chen Geng,Some ill-intentioned guy was prepared……
“Let’s talk about each other,”Chen Geng said:“Ding Ruoyan can call me brother,As for you and sister-in-law,We are the same as before。”
“that……also,Let’s talk about each other,”With Chen Geng’s words,Ding Haijun breathed a sigh of relief:“Girl,This is your brother Chen Geng……”