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“Her aunt,Just forgive Luwa,She is ignorant,Panicked,No counterpart,It’s hard to be a man for you,Forgive me,Meet the right next time,I still have to trouble you。”Ju Su said softly。
“That’s it,Don’t talk about two families,Ok,Who let us be born!I blamed you first,Speak clearly now,Nothing more,correct,The one where Luwa was wrong,Are there any dramas?”Aunt Tian Lu’s angry,Instead care。
“Young children,Don’t understand what they think,Look at them,Seem to have a good opinion of each other。”Juxiu replied。
“Well,Remember to share the good news!”
“it is good,I must tell you,Tian Lu is your aunt,Not sharing with you?Child immature,Take care of things today。”Juxiu said apologetically。
“That line,Nothing,I’ll ask,That’s it,I hang up first,Contact again。”
After hanging up the phone, Ju Xiu glared at Tian Lu,Said:“You,I almost offended your aunt today。”
“Hee hee,Not next time!”Tian Lu said with a grimace。
First5chapter Weird dream
Since hanging up,Ju Xiu was always curious about what dream Tian Lu had,Made her happy to go on a blind date in an instant。
“What dream did you have,Mysterious?”Ju Xiu asked casually。
“Not called god mystery,Is weird,You didn’t let me tell,Of course I feel mysterious。”Tian Lu corrected her mother。
“Tell me?”Juxiu sat down on the sofa next to Tian Lu and asked curiously about killing the cat.。
Tian Lu looked at her mother like this,Laugh without answering,Silly,Instead of silent。