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First931chapter all together
FOXThe words of the TV station’s photographer,The other photographers suddenly stared at Chen Geng——This is a profit100Ten thousand dollars opportunity,Such an opportunity,Who is not excited?Who doesn’t care?
100The temptation of ten thousand dollars,No one can stop。
Chen Geng said with a smile:“If you promise to take me handsome,Then count you。”
You can take part in this gambling game as long as you shoot it handsomely?
The photographer was stunned:It’s just to make a handsome guy a little more handsome,Not to mention for an experienced videographer,Even if it’s a novice photographer?
FOXThe cameraman from the TV station said loudly:“Mr,do not worry,I promise to shoot you the most handsome。”
Chen Geng nodded immediately:“it is good,Then count you。”
The photographers from other media all watched:This becomes?100Ten thousand dollars is almost there?
While watching,The photographers on the scene are all about to move:Can you take Mr. Fernandez better,Can’t we?
“Mr. Fernandez,The photos I took were nominated for Pulitzer,Can you count me?”
“Mr. Fernandez,I won a prize at the Hasselblad International Photography Awards,I promise,No one here can shoot better than me。”
I heard my colleagues start to show off awards,Those who are not in Pulitzer、Hasselblad、EISAWon the top international photography awards、Even the photographers who have been shortlisted are getting anxious:No way,This is100Million!
Someone is anxious,Shouted:“Mr. Fernandez,My photography teacher is1989Pulitzer Silver Medalist Allard……”