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Originally just an idea,Now confirmed by Ye Boping,Zhang Siwei was so angry that he vomited blood,“You and her doing that kind of thing on our wedding bed,Don’t you really feel sick??”
“Listen to me explain,Really not what you think,Nothing really happened to me and her。”Ye Boping heard that the problem was serious,Misunderstanding too deep,Hurriedly explain。
“She is pregnant,Dare you say nothing happened?”Zhang Siwei stood up excitedly。
“She is pregnant?”Ye Boping was also taken aback。
“I have to congratulate you,You’re a father again。”Zhang Siwei saw Ye Boping’s expression,Coldly nauseous。
Ye Boping can’t make it clear now,Xia Shuyue and Zhao Luo have broken up for a long time,He knows it,Zhang Siwei must also know,That means Xia Shuyue has no boyfriend。
that,This Xia Shuyue without a boyfriend,How could you get pregnant?Still living in his own house,How does Ye Boping explain??He collapsed instantly,Don’t know what to say。
Zhang Siwei saw him suddenly speechless,obviously,Things happened,He did it all,Can’t justify it now,Can only play stupid。
Zhang Siwei turned and entered the house,Close the door,after awhile,Threw Ye Boping’s clothes out of it,“You can go now,I will ask a lawyer to talk to you about the divorce,I will never believe you in my life,I won’t talk to you again。”Close the door again。
Ye Boping knows,It’s useless to explain to Zhang Siwei now,Began to clean up the clothes on the floor。
“You quarreled again?”Wu Lusheng came in from outside,Ask when you see Ye Boping packing up。
“mom,You’re back。”Ye Boping said hello,no answer,I went out with my clothes。