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Chen Xiu had to stop and look at him,Yue Wu said:“We are more angry、Combat skills,Peach Wood Sword、You are not allowed to use these black dog blood!”
Chen Xiu directly gave Zhang Yuantu to himself the charms、The black dog blood water gun is in my hand,The people around were so scared that they took a few steps back。
“do not worry!”
Chen Xiu is a water gun、Throw all the spells on the ground,Clap your hands and say:“So you are satisfied!”
“Take off the grenade from you!”
“You treat me stupid,I picked a grenade,I won’t be beaten up immediately。”
Chen Xiu once again waved to Yue Wu in his palm:“Start as soon as you want,Otherwise I can go!”
“Now you are anxious to die,I fulfill you!”
Yue Wujian flipped his wrist,Swing out his arms like a whip,Longing for Chen Xiu’s key point,If really sweeping,Even if you have infuriating body,Enough to knock Chen Xiu out of a concussion。
Chen Xiu was a little shocked,It’s not how powerful Yue Wu is,But he uses Tongbei Fist Frame。
From Zhu Huiwei, I probably understand that the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty was a watershed in martial arts,Most people in the martial arts in the pre-Qing Dynasty were able to cultivate zhenqi,And after the Ming Dynasty, the martial artist who can cultivate true qi is already a big man who dominates one side for a while.。
Obviously, the super masters after the Ming Dynasty were not suitable for ordinary high-handed shoes before the Ming Dynasty.。
Tongbeiquan is exactly the combat skill of the Ming Dynasty,This kind of combat skill is just like Wing Chun.。
Chen Xiu thought that Yue Wu was a three-generation zombie,How come they are like Zhu Huiwei and others before the Qing Dynasty,The combat skills used now are nothing more than this。
But Chen Xiu didn’t dare to underestimate any combat skills,If Yue Wu’s true energy is strong enough,Even a normal punch has the power of breaking mountains and gravel。