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“but,I don’t think,What’s the problem with this look。”
in fact,Wang Teng is already ready now。
If the Lei family hasn’t shown anything yet,Then this,Maybe there is nothing to say for now。
But if,What did the Lei family show now?,Then this matter,But it’s quite interesting。
See here,at this time,Actually for these things。
Wang Tengyue is like this,When I look around,Actually for these,Wang Teng can let the people around him go back and wait。
“You go back and wait honestly。”
“Just let them toss,I really want to see,What else can they toss about!”
Look at these,at this time,Wang Teng’s performance is very flat,Don’t forget to speak directly here。
But after Wang Teng finished,At this moment,Others are eager to try。
Since now,I’ve already talked to this level。
So what should I do,Actually for them,deep in the heart,Already quite clear。