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Wang Youcai found out after getting off the car,This place has been demolished to pieces。Finally found the alley with a stone lion at the mouth of Cangzi。This is Wang Youcai’s final memory,Otherwise so many alleys,He really doesn’t know which one is direct。
Go inside the alley,There are circles on the walls,There is a big scarlet letter written in it。Few people go in and out,This shows that this place has started to move。
Wang Youcai found Lu Monkey’s house,I found that the big wooden door is a bit shabby,But it’s still tight。Wang Youcai thought about it,Push hard,There is no reverse insert inside the big wooden door,Just listen to it, open it up。
Wang Youcai walked in in two steps,Silence in the courtyard。Every door is closed tightly,It feels like no one has lived in a long time。
Even in the yard,Also piled up a lot of fallen leaves。Wang Youcai walked in,There was a rustling sound under my feet。Did Lu Monkey’s family move away long ago?Man Wang Youcai froze for a while,When preparing to return,Suddenly there were two coughs in the hall。
This cough sounds like the voice of the elderly,And still a man。Wang Youcai’s hearing is limited,But this can still be heard。
He couldn’t help but feel happy,Stepped on the thick fallen leaves and rushed over,He reached out and pushed,The door opened with a creak。
“Who?Hurry up and close the door,Be careful to freeze me”An old voice came from the corner。
Wang Youcai trembled with fright,He settled for a while,Hurriedly closed the door。Adjusted to the dim light in the room。Wang Youcai discovered,There is a wooden bed in the corner,An old man curled up on the wooden bed。
The old man is covered with a thick quilt,Feeling very cold。Wang Youcai watched for a while,Finally saw the light switch in the corner,He reached out and pulled the switch’s cable box,Just listen to the click,But the lights in the house did not turn on。
“Don’t bother,No electricity bill,The electricity was cut off。Did your kid consume his body desperately recently?,Not working now?”Old man has nice eyes,He actually recognized Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,He stepped forward,Asked a little concerned:“Doctor Lu!What’s wrong with you?Is it sick?”
“Not sick,I want to die but I can’t die。It seems I should never die,You kid go out and get me something to eat first,I haven’t eaten for two or three”Doctor Lu didn’t seem to have the strength to speak。
Wang Youcai listened,Turn around and leave。He was afraid that Dr. Lu would really die,What can I do with his illness??Anyway, he thinks,Doctor Lu is most effective in treating his disease。
Wang Youcai is not a stingy person,He gave Doctor Lu half a catty of beef,I also bought a second bottle of liquor。Thinking he hasn’t eaten for a long time,On the street, Wang Youcai bought him a few large flower rolls that had just come out of the cage。
People eat everything when they are hungry,Not to mention such delicious food。Doctor Lu sitting on the bed,I killed two big Hanamaki first,Then eat beef and drink。After all, getting old,He can’t finish half a catty of beef,Half eaten,He can’t eat anymore。