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  (聚焦 海 论 论)) Cross-strait workers represent Xiamen common skills, Wu Zhixin Xiamen December 13th (Reporter Yang Qishan) "2021 Strait Workers Forum" was held in Xiamen on the 13th, more than 100 models from the strait and first-line employee, tradition The technical master representative and the mainland trade union representative, gathered together, common skills, enlightective, and seek new development.

  The 13th Strait Forum is being launched, this year is the 13th year.

As an important part of the Strait Forum, the "2021 Strait Workers Forum" hosted by the China National Federation of Trade Unions, with the theme of "Square Square Skills, Sweeping Works", and attracts representatives of the two sides of the strait. This session is divided into micro-movie display, union leadership message, two-strand model representative, two-strand workers skills improve experience sharing, traditional three-strait traditional skills show, cross-strait employees jointly complete the production of crafts. The representative of the meeting revolves around the two core vocabulary of "Skills", "Skills", and talks about the compatriots, talks about the skills improvement methods, and the future development trend. Enhance understanding in honesty, and expand the consensus in in-depth communication.

  Looking forward to the future cross-strait trade union and employee communication, the forum puts forward three suggestions: with the spirit of the craftsman as the power, sense of the confidence, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the two sides of the country; leading to the spirit of the anti-, based on the new development stage, bravely make two shores Relationships of the promoters of the development of development; with the nation’s spirit as the bond, the blood is connected, the benefits of the national uniform.

  During the forum, the two sides of the employee representative also went to the "Xiamen Tea Import & Export Co., Ltd." "Chen Zhixiong Labor Model Studio" exchange meeting, visiting the "筼筜 书house" "Standing Culture Park" and watch "Minnan Shen Yun" performance. The Strait Workers’ Forum is an important platform for the communication dialogue between the two sides of the country.

Over the years, the Strait Workers Forum has always adhered to the grassroots, close to the pragmatic direction of the employees, and continuously enhances the people of the two sides of the staff to understand each other. The extensive recognition and support of the majority of employees on both sides of the strait, in order to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, integration development has played a positive role. (over).