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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 13: The Capital Setting of "traffic lights" Xinhua News Agency Zhao Wenjun is proposed when it is necessary to correctly understand and grasp the characteristics and behavioral laws of capital, to set "traffic lights" for capital. This image is metaphor, which releases clear and clear policy signals, and the capital should be intertwined and considering the development and the law.

After decades of continued development in decades, the Chinese economy has accumulated huge capital energy. Under the conditions of socialist market economy, how to play a positive role of capital, suppressing its negative effects, is a new topic facing our party.

How to guide capital stabilization and orderly development, healthy and benign operations, is one of the major theories and practical issues that must be correctly recognized and grasped. Setting "traffic light" intends to boot the capital under the system framework of laws and regulations.

Containing capital disorderly expansion, not do not capital, but to develop orderly in capital. Whether it is state-owned or private, domestic and foreign capital is an important part of my country’s socialist market economy. While promoting my country’s economic development, it should eventually serve the people’s better life and improve the people’s well-being.

Light "red light", clear rules to define the bottom line.

In recent times, for the problem of platform monopoly, competition and sequel, the stock market "cut the leeks", insider trading, control market, etc., strengthen anti-monopoly and prevent capital disorderly expansion to play a series of "combined punches", which fully reflects the party and The state protects the attitude and determination of the legitimate rights and interests of all kinds of markets. By tangible hand, it is guided and regulated, allowing capital to serve the economic and social development, promoting scientific and technological progress, prospering the market economy, facilitating people’s lives, participating in international competition, rather than competing with community traders to compete for the last "copper plate" . Open "green light", give full play to the positive role of capital as an important production factor of market economy.

Encourage capital compliance and development, use the rule of law of the rule of law to deepen reform, promote effective markets and better combine for the government, further enhance investors’ integrated and stability, create a good market environment, further stimulate various market subjectivity .

Socialist market economy is a great creation, and there are various forms of capital in the socialist market economy. At present, all departments must unify the ideological understanding to the spirit of the conference. We must always adhere to the "two unsharvale". From the construction of new development patterns, promote high-quality development, promote common prosperity strategies, pay attention to system symposium, Correctly recognize and grasp the characteristics and behavioral laws of capital, and help the economy, health, and sustainable development.

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