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Tangyou is no longer a luxury to eat fruit buns

“With diabetes, say goodbye to the days of ‘sweet’?

“Can’t you eat fruit?”

“Don’t you eat rice buns?”

“When it comes to diet control, many sugar lover will immediately think of these circulating statements.

In fact, most of these are misunderstandings.

  Eat fruit to pick the type of dietitian suggested that patients should absorb less digestive and faster absorption of simple sugars, lactose.

Glucose is a monosaccharide, sucrose, and toffee are a disaccharide, which tends to raise blood sugar for a short time after eating.

Noodles and rice starches are compound starches. Compared to monosaccharides, the process of digestion and absorption is continuous, which does not cause a sudden rise in blood sugar, and does not produce the feeling of “unsatisfied, not enough”.

  Can people with diabetes eat fruit?

This issue has been controversial.

Strictly pointed out that fructose participates in the metabolism of excess insulin in the body. Although fructose breaks down faster, patients can eat appropriate amounts of fruits, but they must choose carefully.

For example, raisins, banana fruits have a relatively high sugar content. Excessive consumption is also small for people with diabetes. It is recommended to eat less.

  Patients who eat too much rice first and then eat too much rice are often worried when they eat rice buns.

The main ingredient of rice noodles is glucose. According to supplementary guidelines, the daily elimination of complications for diabetic patients is less than 130 grams.

Diabetes patients should include at least three kinds of foods: cereals, meat, vegetables and fruits.

Dietitian recommends that people with diabetes pay attention to the time of eating: they should eat food before eating, because the dietary fiber in vegetables helps to slow down the digestion of staple foods and prevent the sudden rise of veins after meals.Should be delayed.

Doctors recommend that you can eat corn, oats, and other foods that supplement the expected fiber.

At the same time, it can lengthen the digestive process and give the patient a sense of fullness, which causes the blood sugar to rise slowly.

  It should also be reminded that some patients follow the doctor’s order and eat small pots of food at home, but put a lot of oil.

“Some patients say that I eat vegetable oil and can eat more, but there is too much conversion of vegetable oil.

The doctor said that the energy of one or two oils is equivalent to the energy of three or two meters.

Even if they are eating greens, they are very particular about it: if they are seasoned with abalone sauce or fried in oil, they are still very high, and sweets should choose white-burned vegetables.