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Are men more suitable for flamenco than women?| Beijing Daily x National Grand Theater Day Sign
Mentioning the passionate and free flamenco dance, most people’s images of dancers are wearing layered skirts and jackets filled with confident and smiling female, known as the “Spanish national dance”, is a combination of Gypsy culture and Spanish folk culture. It is the three national quintessence of Spain with bullfighting and football. It is the most distinctive Spanish cultural symbol and is included in human non-List of material cultural heritage.The traditional flamenco is usually improvised by dancers with singing and guitar accompaniment, and encounters the original East Indian dance (and squats, bends sharply, turns quickly, beats the drum beat rhythm, etc.) andThe influence of Arabic dance (finger beat rhythm, tambourine, etc.).Flamingo is part of more than 50 different styles in existence, about a dozen of which are very popular. Historically, its performance types are gender-specific-dances such as Farucca are completely male-designed, but follow-up, withAs time passed, the gender distinction between flamenco dancers slowly blurred.Provocative styling, strong rhythm, and the strength of the feet hitting the ground are the characteristics of male dancers, while the feminine arms, bright red dress, and graceful posture are the characteristics of female dancers.The National Flamenco Dance Company of Barcelona will bring “Flamengo’s Rebirth” from January 21st to 22nd. The performance of male dancers in the performance may dispel flamenco’s mainstream of womenImpressions, male dancers will have a different interpretation.Sauna, Yeneti Tian Ni Ni Editor Tian Ni Ni Proofreading Guo Li