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But what surprised Chen Geng more was the advanced level of Fokker’s production line.,Previously, Chen Geng subconsciously thought that the Fokker Group’s aircraft production line was much behind McDonnell Douglas(no way,Chen has only visited McDonnell Douglas),But I actually saw it,Although Fokker is indeed behind McDonnell Douglas,But the degree of lagging behind is far from as much as I thought。
And maybe“The boat turns around”For the sake of,Fokker Aircraft is obviously more flexible than McDonnell Douglas in the field management of production,This surprised Chen Geng。
Visit in a circle,Meet Anthony·Dozens of eyes looking forward to Fokker and Fokker Group,Chen Geng applauded gently and said:“Great!superb!Frankly,Before coming,I didn’t expect Fokker’s production efficiency to be so advanced,I have a good relationship with Mr. MacDonald Jr.,Also go to McDonald·Douglas has visited more than once,I did not expect that Fokker and McDonnell Douglas are not even close in many places,Some places are even better。”
Everyone loves to listen to good things,Hearing that Chen Geng actually took Fokker and McDonald, one of the world’s aviation manufacturing giants·Douglas is on par,A group of Fokker executives blushed with excitement,The one in my heartATree andCThe tree between the trees is inexplicably uprooted by someone:So we are so good?
Anthony·Fokker finally maintained a little basic sanity,Although I’m so excited,But I still have one in my heartBtree,Hurriedly waved his hand and said:“Mr. Fernandez, you are so kind,McDonnell Douglas is the world’s top aircraft manufacturing company,The technologies they have obtained in the field of military and civil aircraft manufacturing、Achievements are not comparable to our Fokker company,They are a role model for our Fokker aircraft……Mr. Fernandez,Are you familiar with little Mr. MacDonald?”
“Ok,”Chen Geng casually responded:“My plane is the line that Mr. Macdonald Jr. helped me in。”
The relationship between Mr. Fernandez and Mr. Macdonald Jr is not so good.!
A group of executives of Fokker aircraft suddenly became in awe。
Industrial production,Pay attention to a plan and precision,From the initial procurement of raw materials to production and delivery,During the period, there are strict plans and plans,It’s not that you can jump if you want,Like Fernandez·The McDonnell Douglas at the airport—82private plane,Want to join the team、Get the plane early,There are more joints that need to be coordinated,The most basic question:How to explain to the customer who was preempted by him?
And Mr. MacDonald was willing to speak specifically for Chen Geng’s plane,It is enough to show that the relationship between the two is more than a simple one“it is good”Words can describe。
Some think more long-term,I’m even heartbroken:Since Fernandez·Chen and Mr. MacDonald have such a good relationship,So can the Fokker plane pass through Fernandez·Chen,Bring in some technology from McDonald、Process and management method?
Chen Geng changed the topic,To Anthony·Fokker says:“Mr. Fokker,Tell me about the new aircraft you are going to develop,What kind of airplane is this?”
Anthony·Fokker’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed:“Mr. Fernandez,In fact……We are discussing two aircraft?”