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Xia Jian asked softly。Actually he has an idea in his heart,Just waiting for sister Liu to call。
Qin Xiaomin said with a puzzled face:“Benz!Just bought,The bare car price is more than 500,000,What do you mean?Don’t use this car idea,This is someone else’s car”
Xia Jian pulled Qin Xiaomin aside,Then she whispered a few words in her ear。Qin Xiaomin glanced at Xia Jian and asked:“is this okay?Will she be fooled by this?”
Qin Xiaomin’s voice just fell,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He saw that Sister Liu was calling,It was connected immediately。Sister Liu on the phone asked calmly:“Boss Xia!Did you go to the bank,I’ll take care of this for you,The other party is waiting to collect the money”
“Sorry Sister Liu,I drive out,I walked to the door of the hotel and accidentally hit a Mercedes Benz,People this is a new car,Want me to pay 20,000 yuan in cash,But I have no money,I want to go to the bank,They won’t let”
“What do you mean?Don’t you give them the money from the bank??”
Sister Liu on the phone said coldly, a little impatiently。
Xia Jian suddenly lowered his voice and said:“Sister Liu!This gang is very fierce,I feel like touching porcelain,You can’t leave without money。Can you help me?Send me 20,000 yuan,Wait for them to let me go,I’ll give you 40,000 yuan?”
“how?20,000?No more no less?”
Sister Liu on the phone asked as if a little skeptical。
Xia Jian said in a low voice:“They have to twenty five thousand,You only give me 20,000 lines。When the time comes, you will say only 20,000,I guess they are leaving in a hurry,20,000 should be fine”
Sister Liu hesitated on the phone,And said angrily:“OK then!Who made me so unlucky,You send the address quickly,I’ll bring it to you in a while”
Xia Jian responded,Hung up。He took a long breath and said to Qin Xiaomin:“Hooked,You have to find two or three men for me,Look fierce,And faster,In addition, you have to drive to the side of the road outside the hospital”
“hate,You are really troublesome,I have to invite me to dinner。Where can I find someone for you this time,Looks like I have to trouble my big cousin again”
Qin Xiaomin said,Ha ha smile,Ran into the inpatient department again。Xia Jian took a breath,So I sent a message to Sister Liu。He came through a small road when he came,There don’t seem to be many people on which road,And which name is easier to remember,He posted the information about this road。
About ten minutes later,Qin Xiaomin led two young men over。She smiled and said:“Just borrowed two people,Is the security inside,I will impersonate one,Three people should be enough”
There is no other way,Xia Jian could only smile and said:“Ok!Drive to the hotel,I have to drive my car too,Otherwise it’s not good to cause her suspicion”