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“Who said no?When Mr. Xiao and I went to your Xiping Village this time,,Take a look at the leisure agriculture in Pingyang Town,Mr. Xiao is full of praise for this investment,I just praise you for your vision“Wang Lin said with a smile。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“In fact, the investment in Fuping Expressway is also a good project,Can make the people of both places rich,And for our group,But a big income“
I have a rough idea of the company’s current situation,Xia Jianyi is indeed a little sleepy,Secondly, he must first look at Old Xiao,He always felt that Lao Xiao’s physical condition was getting worse。
So he smiled at Fang Fang and Jin Yimei and said:“I’m going back,You guys busy!Let’s have a high-level plenary meeting tomorrow,Mr. Wang comes down to arrange”
“Ok!please wait a moment,I bought your phone,Ready to use now”Wang Lin said,Turned around and ran out。
Jin Yimei smiled and said:“I’m going to activate the phone soon,Otherwise it’s really difficult to contact you”
Xia Jian nodded,He also realized,How do people leave their phones now,It feels like something is missing,Is it because the previous people’s work efficiency was low because they didn’t have a mobile phone?
quickly,Wang Lin came in holding a small box,She opened the box,Took out a very beautiful flip phone,Talk to Xia Jian while booting up:“Your original phone number,I got it back for you,Now it can be used directly after booting,No need to change the number”
Xia Jian smiled and took the phone in Wang Lin’s hand,The style is really novel,And it’s still a color screen,Much better than the original black and white phone。Xia Jianyi held it in his hand,I just can’t put it down。
The three chatted again,Xia Jian got up and left,Before going out,He suddenly said to Wang Lin:“When you have time to go out,Buy another women’s phone,Low to medium price,No need”
Wang Lin nodded,Did not speak。
Downstairs,Fang Fang ran over,Ask with a smile:“where are we going?”
“I go home,You go home and rest too!Just let Zhang Sangui drive,tomorrow morning,You can pick me up”Xia Jian glanced at Fang Fang, who was a little tired,Very serious。
Fang Fang was taken aback,So I called Zhang Sangui to go downstairs。
The car just stopped,Xia Jian then greeted Zhang Sangui,Got out of the car in a hurry,Haven’t come back for so many days,He suddenly felt a long-lost feeling,Do you really regard this as your second home?。
Just up the stairs,The anti-theft door opened automatically with a click,There seems to be someone in the family,At least which babysitter Li Xiaolu is at home。