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The breath of Clodas was instantly removed,The tricks brewed are all broken by Leo。
I knock Nima!
Clodas quickly calmed his breath,I can’t listen to this guy,Otherwise I’m afraid I will capsize。
“Damn,Lord Five Star,Why did you hurt yourself?!”Leo quickly raised his hand。“I want to prove,I didn’t hurt you!”
Clodas stared at Leo viciously,Panting。
“Master Wu Lao Xing, are you okay?,do not worry,I won’t do it,You rest slowly,We’ll call when you rest!”
Please be a man。
Clodas just thinks Leo is not a son of man。
When Clodas was still angry,I didn’t expect Leo’s body to flicker.。
Leo cut out,Slashed hard on Clodas’ back。
Clodas is not weak,Naturally, I have prepared in advance,Leo just slashed on his knife。
but,The impact still made the ill-prepared Clodas roll out,Hit the ground a few times,Just stopped。
“Fucking!”Clodas directly breathes fragrance。