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And there are other people as a reference,The general gang disciple will not be in good luck.,A batch of yourself falling down,Kings, including Chu Deirers,At this time, it is also a soft leg.,Rely on Chu Deirers,Even,I haven’t adhered to a few breathing.……
As a result,It is a chance to give the Chu Deiren,Close in time and try to strengthen your own Zhubuff。
Although it also feels that the internal force is lascapped.,Bone bones are also loose、Incompetent,But still have six or seven points,And with Chu Deirers、Pranayama,CantrybuffStill weakening your own poisoning signs!
Because of all sides,Horses,So the Chu Deirers did not dare to expose for a while.。
Wang Yizhen also felt,At first, when the Chu Deireman held himself,Obviously,But soon, I still sit down.……
Seeing the Chu Deirers blink to himself,Wang Yizhen doesn’t have more words to ask。
Chapter 85 escape
Chu Deiren is a poisoning,Sit down like everyone,And at this time,The sound of horseshoes in all directions。
I only see a group of two or three hundred people.,Wearing a rod,It’s surrounded by all directions.……
Don’t see that the number of people is twice that,If you don’t count the seven bags of disciples,Even if you are not poisoned, it is not a legacy.!
What to play a dog,Originally, I was in the war.,Not suitable for the sand row,Especially people still have strong bow.、Horseman。
The Chu Deiren opened the iron gammon and Song Ting.……
Said that the world’s first Zhuang is responsible for monitoring the rivers and lakes.?More than 200 cavalry in West Summer,I don’t know if I am full of chaos.?
certainly,Chu Deirers also know that it has objective reasons.,For example, this world is larger,Local forces more complex,Like the flow of Wuyue Sword,Which one is not there、There is a place with 佃 佃?All-realism、Wudang faction is even more confident.!
Of course, I don’t dare to do it with the court.,Otherwise, which visitors are also banned from the arms suppression,However, it is true that Song Ting’s control is weak.。
on the other hand,Xixia people are not lurking,But Herring Tree By making,Taking the returning time……
Song Turi is in Lin’an,It is also about 500 miles in Taihu Lake.,Wuxi in the north shore of Taihu,Distance is not far。
But even if so,Chu Deirers still have no more than the first village of iron gallbladies and the world.,even……Faint suspect that he is deliberate!
at this time,Herring Tie Tree also appeared,I am in a deputy,Triplay,First, you will be able to discharge,As a result, it is naturally a few old age.……
Do you have no strength?,I am afraid that I can directly 啐 on my face.!
These people are confused,Really in this occasion,Will choose to surrender,Less and less,There are not many people who will even change the fraud.。
Even if it is Chen You,Maybe there is no loyalty,It is also unwilling to bow to the sorry people.,otherwise……His reputation is ruined,What is the opportunity to achieve ambition in the future?。
Herring Tree in West Summer,It should also be responsible for the jurisdiction of martial arts.,Not only the master of the door,Chu Deiren saw a lot……
Like Yue Lao 3、Zhongzhong crane、Ye Erma、Trojan, etc.,There are even a few don’t know!
Chu Deirers also straightened,Plus it later,Not found to be discovered。
Herlian Tree is also a person who has been homework.,Correct“stubborn”The gang is no longer good,But for the Luoyang Golden Knife、Taishan single father,Still good luck,Nothing to Zhiguang……
But just at this time,Yunzhong crane pays attention to the side of Chu Deirers。
Originally his thief eye,It is eyeing Wang Yizhen.,Just see Wang Yizhen,At the same time,Naturally, I saw the Chu Deer next to it.!
Even if you are interested,Yunzhong Crane will not recognize his old head?