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  Xinhua News Agency, Japan, November 11th, November 11th: A Japanese Legend Ski Championship to Beijing Winter Olympics, Wang Zijiang Yang Tin, Yang Guang, Yaishi, will soon go to Beijing, this will be his first time The trip to China, he wants to serve the TV Station Japan Press Association (NHK).

As a champion of the Winter Olympics, he is full of expectation in Beijing’s winter Olympics. At the Norwegian Liller Hammer Winter Olympics, Ashi Yaishi led the Japanese team to win the Nordic group champion. He is now the honorary museum of the Sapporo Olympic Museum, and the northern Europe includes two projects, museums. It was built in the 1972 Sapphor Winter Olympics, and Osi, Ota, starting to serve as the honorary museum from 2017.

    When he was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency reporter: "This year’s Tokyo Olympics has encountered a lot of difficulties, Beijing must face a lot of challenges, but as an Olympic player, I am very grateful to Beijing Winter Olympics, thank Beijing Winter Olympics.

"The 56-year-old Ashi Yaishi also has a high expectation in the performance of Japanese athletes in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and he specially mentioned three people: feather string, Xiaolin Lingqi, Favilica.

The feather is the two winter Olympics, the world is well known; the 24-year-old Xiaolin has recently jumped in the skiing competition in the skiing competition in recent years; the Dawei is the students of Agi, the past two Winter Olympics, he is in the North Europe. Drop.

  "Xiaolin Lingqi also took the champion in the game, and his state was very good, I think he will definitely win the gold medal in Beijing.

I hope that the Yusheng string can win the Olympic gold medal of the fancy skating in Beijing, I personally support him.

In the northern Europe, I have been engaged in the Nordic, I hope that my student ferry will be able to win the cards in the 3rd Winter Olympics.

"In order to prepare for the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972, Japan took the skiing of the Tilter as a breakthrough, and they won the top three of this project at the Sapporo Winter Olympics, and the gold medal is fortunate to become the first winter in Japan. Olympic champion.

These three people are collecting in the museum. However, Japanese athletes took the second gold medal, and the project of the second gold medal and the gold medals were won by 20 years.

  In the 1992 Winter Olympics, Ashi Ya Di is the captain of the two teams of Northern Europe. It is also a largest number of people in the team. He is full of winning the Olympic gold medal.

But in the Olympic Personal Project Competition, he ranked 30th and lost the qualifications of participating in group competition. Finally, three teammates have won the group champion on behalf of the Japanese team. His unexpectedly failed, decided to end the sports career, but at this time, his wife was pregnant. He had a pain, and he was determined to win an Olympic gold medal, as a gift for your child.

  It happeally at the time that the International Olympic Committee adjusted the Winter Olympics, in order to avoid crashing with the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics was held in 1994. Ota Ya Sales tasted two years, wearing a helmet with a photo of the photo, wearing a snowboard with a son name, leading Japan Northern Europe to success.

  Olympic gold medals have been so precious and dreamted, but Agis did not collect this precious gold medal. The museum organizes primary school students in Sapporo every day. At the same time, Agi Ya Du personally climbed the high-jumping platform. While overlooking Sapporo, he also gave the children to the skiing experience and the Olympic story. He put the gold medal at any time. Arck, let each child touch it, wear it on the neck to experience it. Even when the reporter interviewed, he also took out the gold medal, personally gave everyone to take a photo on the neck.

He hopes that everyone will experience the charm of the Olympics from zero distance. "Working in the place where you are engaged in sports is the happiest thing." He said, "Let the children come to visit the facilities in the museum and experience hall, the most important thing is not to let them participate in the Olympics, but Tell them, don’t give up when you encounter difficulties, don’t give up your efforts.

"O’Ashi said that Beijing will soon be a city hosted in summer and winter Olympics, and he hopes that Sapporo and Beijing will have more communication.

"The staff of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee has come to us here, and how to use facilities and inheritance legacy after the Olympics, discuss with our researchers.

I hope that Sapporo can exchange information with Beijing, and will communicate with Beijing in the future use of Olympic Heritage. ".