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Why are we sitting still?

Meditation, health, physical fitness, viscera, high blood pressure, blood pressure, temperament, beauty, immunity, sit-in is a high-order lacing method, especially double-disc, which can directly or indirectly dredge all meridians of the body.

Meditation can not only improve the problems of the body, but also enhance the power of the mind; it can even let us calm down and reflect on ourselves, and also give us a deeper understanding of the essence of life.

So what are the benefits of sitting still?

First, sitting still can strengthen the body, repair the sub-health state of the body, and improve the function of the internal organs.

Meditation, health, physical fitness, viscera, high blood pressure, blood pressure, temperament, beauty, immunity, especially for chronic diseases and stubborn symptoms such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, insufficient blood supply to the brain, migraine, heavy bodyCold limbs, rheumatism, sweating, night sweats, etc., have significant regulatory effects.

Pay attention to a little while sitting, breathing becomes smooth and even, the air entering the lungs through breathing is relatively stable, and the amount of oxygen entering the heart is relatively stable, which is conducive to the regulation of blood pressure.

When sitting quietly, the energy consumption of the body is reduced, and the oxygen consumption of the heart is also much reduced than usual. The power of blood circulation is naturally stronger than usual.

A powerful blood circulation can help us purify the substances injected into the blood vessels and restore the vitality of many “long-term dormant” blood vessels.

Such a gas vein penetrates the elevated body energy, which can help the dirty body to purify the accumulated “resonant energy”, thereby improving the self-healing function of the internal organs.

Subcutaneous, it can help the skin and muscles to purify “response energy” and improve the curve of color and muscle.

So even for a short sit-in, people will feel the relaxed, comfortable life energy that rises from the depths of the body, just like the body is massaged by a pair of warm big hands.

Sitting still can improve the strength of the next Dantian, “Lower Dantian” is the source of life energy.

In the process of sitting still, due to the purification of blood vessels, the coordination of physiological gas, the meridians of the whole body can be dredged, so that the “track of gas” can resume normal operation, and the effect of solidification and culture is achieved.

Second, sit-in can enhance the temperament of life and shape a healthy and beautiful body.

Meditation, health, physical fitness, viscera, high blood pressure, blood pressure, temperament, beauty, immunity, meditation can calm down a person’s inner temperament, and make people feel elegant, quiet, soft beauty between their hands and feet.Temperament is the product of three kinds of energy, body, emotion and spirit, which are combined with life.

The inner spirit is softer, the better the body is purified, the more stable the mood, the better the temperament presented outside.

In particular, it is proposed that the sitting posture in the sitting position can quickly shape the beautiful posture.

The double disc is called the most stable sitting position of the Zen sitting. It not only stabilizes the messy atmosphere inside the body, but also can quickly remove the excess meat from the body and clear the blocked meridians.

People who practice double discs can easily maintain a beautiful curve of the waist, chest, thighs and calves, and control the energy balance between the upper body and the lower body.

Third, meditation can relieve stress, release worry, nervousness, irritability, and restless emotions, making the whole life feel calm, joy, freedom and peace of mind.

Sit, health, physical fitness, viscera, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, temperament, beauty, immunity Although we often ignore the body and talk about the spirit, but rarely think.

In fact, all spiritual products, including thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc., are all physiologically based, that is, the nervous system of our body.

Vimo Zen believes that to completely solve the problem of the spirit, we must first start from the body.

Because all the pressure, worry, nervousness, irritability, and restless emotions are first perceived by the nervous system of the body before they are perceived.

The nervous system is spread all over the corner. If a part of the body is partially or inserted, the signals received by the nervous system will also change, and then the brain will be sent to the feelings of life and health, while slenderness will produce ideas that are not conducive to life and health.behavior.
Our unstable emotions, thoughts are not produced out of thin air, or the result of “effects.”

The cause of it is not only the external human things, but also the internal cause of the body. The nervous system of the body is the physiological basis of emotions and thoughts.

For example, when a person is angry, give him a shot of anesthesia, paralyzing the body’s nervous system, and his anger will disappear immediately.

Sitting still seems to be massaging our nervous system, so that this “naughty child” no longer affects our emotions and thoughts.

In the process of meditation, we have a heart, the frontal lobe activity in the brain area will be enhanced, brain cells will begin to secrete endorphins, serotonin, these are important elements to help the body’s nervous system relax and calm.

Many people can overcome the tension and get relieved through ten minutes of meditation, and the irritating mood tends to calm down.

Long-term sit-in exercises can help us develop a stable spiritual power.

Fourth, meditation can open the inner wisdom, guide people to reflect on themselves, and be aware of the existence of life and achieve liberation.

Meditation, health, physical fitness, viscera, high blood pressure, blood pressure, temperament, beauty, immunity, not sitting at all when sitting quietly, the brain’s operation has not been closed.

Meditation exercises usually begin with a concentration of mind, although the activity of the occipital lobe of the brain is weakened, but the frontal lobe activity in the area of the brain is enhanced.

The frontal lobe is associated with human intellectual activity, so in meditation people often inspire, generate new ideas, and recall things that are forgotten.

Under the correct guidance, sit-in can also enable us to reflect on ourselves better, let go of our attachments, and improve the quality of life.