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2017 National Table Tennis Team Coach List Announced Head Coach Liu Guoliang
On April 6, Beijing time, the 2017 national table tennis team coach list was announced. Ma Long’s teacher Qin Zhijian took the lead of the national table tennis men’s team, and Zhang Jike’s coach Xiao Zhan became the female team coach. Wang Hao Ma Lin returnedThe national team, serving as the coach of the men’s team, the specific names are as follows: the National Table Tennis and Badminton Center announced the announcement of the 2017 national table tennis team coaching results of the relevant units: the 2017 national table tennis team coaching meeting in MarchAntiques in Anshan on the 30th.After the candidate’s statement, defense and comments of the participants, the voting, the competition committee study, after approval, the results of the competition are announced as follows: Head Coach: Liu Guoliang Male First Team Head Coach: Qin Zhijian Male First Team Coach: Liu Guozheng, Wang Hao,Ma Lin, Liu Heng, Ma Junfeng Women’s First Team Coach: Kong Linghui Women’s First Team Coach: Xiao Zhan, Li Fang, Chen Bin, Zhang Qin, Huang Haicheng Men’s Second Team Coach: Liu Zhiqiang Men’s Second Team Coach: Liu Bin, Yu Yang, Chen Zhenjiang Women’s Second Team Head Coach: Yan Sen Women’s Second Team Coach: Li Dacheng, Zhu Wentao, Wang Xiang are hereby notified.  Table Tennis and Badminton Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China April 6, 2017