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Originally, Qin Feng wanted people from Baiyue Society to help investigate the assassination of Wang Mengmeng.。
But now it seems that the other party is getting angry,He didn’t want a massacre in this place。Besides, when I left the Wang Group, I boasted that Haikou would investigate it within a day and then go back.。
“Go to Long’s house?”
After leaving the bar,Qin Feng muttered to himself。
He doesn’t think Shenglong Group is the place of Longtan and Tiger’s Den。Even behemoth,In front of his death god Qin Feng, it would only consume a little more energy.!
But at this moment,His phone rang。
“Hey,Qin Feng, hurry up and take this brown candy away!”Jiang Yan yelled directly on the other end of the phone。This surprised Qin Feng。
But after asking the whole story,He can only smile wryly。
It turns out that the brown candy in Jiang Yan’s mouth is actually his cheap apprentice, Li Huan。After this guy was driven away by Qin Feng yesterday, he planned to come over early the next day to make tea and apprentice。
But I didn’t expect to be told that Qin Feng had left early in the morning when he went to the apartment in the community.。In desperation, Li Huan can only follow Jiang Yan,The latter was really annoyed, so he called Qin Feng and asked him to take Li Huan away.!
Half an hour later,Qin Feng came to Jiangyan’s logistics company。
I saw Li Huan constantly looking at the door,Qin Feng could only smile wryly and shook his head。
“Li Huan,You let me say what you want!”Qin Feng said with emotion。
“Master,I thought about it all night last night,I think I definitely didn’t work hard enough when I studied with Master Flying Dagger King,It’s like students need to go to cram school,I think I need to find a master。I hope that the master will complete!”
Li Huan was ready to talk a long time ago。Originally, he wanted Qin Feng to teach him more subtle flying knife skills,But I can’t say bad things about my master Flying Sword King,So I can only say that I am not good at learning,I hope I can get advice from my teacher。
“I want me to teach you,But need to work first。”
“Good,Master let me do whatever I do!”I heard Qin Feng let go,Li Huan almost jumped up excitedly。