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“It seems to be arranged by score……Master Lu’s last lucky guy was too funny!”Shunzi can’t hold back his laughter。
“Haven’t played games yet……First touted by Fool’s Company,I feel better in my mood!”Zhang Song said proudly。
“It is said that we have‘E-sports city’The title of Jingnan City is a total talent28Game pods,I didn’t expect you to account for a quarter……Really awesome!”The courier brother confirmed the receipt again before bidding farewell……
“so,Jingnan City may have4-5Team……We won’t be the weakest?”Zhao Ping is very self-aware。
“What are you afraid of!Come one by one,Let’s play a pair!”Feng Xichuan hammered Zhao Ping’s head first,Stop him from saying such frustrating words。
“no doubt,There must be a Phoenix team(PHX)The Phoenix team formed with Xu Tianxin……If you divide the competition area by city,We will meet these two super-professional teams sooner or later…
…and so,Defeating them is the consciousness we must have……”Lu Yi analysis。
“Beat the world runner-up?And the team formed by the talented Xu Tian?No kidding?”Shunzi and Zhang Song look towards Feng Xichuan and Lu Yi。
“If a month ago,Tell me about it,Can’t even think about it……Now unexpectedly meet,I will try my best to say anything,I recognize it even if there is no bones left!”Feng Xichuan’s tragic way。
“Haha,I lied to you!They are a team formed by registered professional players,The Fool will officially recognize,But we may not!In accordance with past practice,A team like ours that has not established a club,Only to win the street city competition or college campus league championship,To qualify for the second league,Won the top two in the sub-league of the Glory Gun League,In order to be eligible for the top league……”Lu Yi said to ease the atmosphere。
“Haha,Just listen to these processes,I knew there was a long way to go,before that,We didn’t have a chance to wrestle with them……So we have to treat every game as a trial,Keep strengthening yourself,Someday,Able to fulfill the dream of confronting the gods!”Feng Xichuan’s eyes were full of determination。
“Not necessarily,There are so few game accounts that are currently limited to closed beta,According to the principle of nearest matching,We will probably meet them first in the game,By the time,Don’t be afraid!”Lu Yi took off his black shirt,Reveal a blueTShirt。
“really?I can see an idol so soon?!”Zhang Song as Xu Tian’s iron powder,Suddenly look forward to it more。
“do not think too much,You should continue to assemble the game pod!”Shunzi,Hidden a few of the game cabin assembly instructions by hand……
after an hour,Everyone is going to eat,When everyone is called Zhang Song,But he refused……
“My treat,Don’t believe me?”Guo Yinzhe said。