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Li Hui’s content of the barrage,Laugh:“I want to be my girlfriend.,I already have a girlfriend.,As for the local history, I am not,I am a small farmer,Then develop the hometown,Of course, if you have any good idea?,Can send you small leaves,Small leaves will tell me。”
“I have to go to the pig farm.,I can’t accompany you here.,You are busy first。”
Say,Li Hui Hui handed over the live broadcast to Ye Double。
At the same time, it is also ready to go to the pig farm.。
When I came to the pig farm,Li Hui Feng received a phone call from Feng.。
Originally, Li Hui said that the other party will not come.,After all, I said that I will come soon.,The result is dragged for more than a week.。
“Lee Boss,I am really sorry.,I have a little thing in my own company.,Is it convenient now??”
Although I don’t know what the Feng it is on my own.,But Li speaks more with the wind.。
“Hey-hey,Call me, Li’s brother is good.,It is too much somewhere.,I am very convenient now.,Are you here??”
“I’m coming,I have already arrived in your city center.,Now I have already traveled to the lotus village.。”
Feng He heard that Li Hui Feng did not blame him.,The heart is also loose.。
After all, Li took this side, but it is a big list.,If it is really made,So $ 560 million investment,Five or 60 million all returned to his control,Think about it feels very stimulated。
“Forehead,You come directly to Zhaojia Village.,A large part of the solar energy I am preparing to install in Zhaojia Village.,You can take a look at it.。”
“Oh oh,OK,I will let the driver rushed toward Zhaojia Village.。”
Finish,The two people hang up the phone.。
Li Hui came to Zhaojia Village,Things of the pig farm have basically entered the right track.。
Although Zhao Pengyu is not very peaceful as the captain of a security team,But all the power is Zhao Xiaoli to say,There is also a Zhao Xiaoling,He is not willing to。
Since Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling take the town to raise the pig farm,The entire Zhaojia Village has a big change in the style of the second girl.。
The most obvious thing is that no one will dare to say that Zhao Xiaoli is a hen who will not lower the egg.。
However, there will be fewer people under private, there will be some people to discuss。
Zhao Xiaoli has been a few days before,Are Zhao Xiaoling to help management。
After that, she wanted to find Li Hui.,As a result, Li Hui is every time.。
This makes her feelings in their hearts.。
But but there is no choice but。
Even her still wants to borrow born children,Just think of a man who doesn’t like it.,She feels awkward in her heart.。
And Li Hui Feng is the only youth of her heart.,The most critical or Liu Dafu is prioritized。
Such a day,She can’t think of who is more suitable than Li.。
As long as Li Hui’s people and,She can feel that everything will be water to the streak.。
Li Hui Feng actually thought of this kind of thing,He also thought about helping Zhao Xiaoli,But the father who thought of the child was him.,Think of Zhao Xiaoli or the management of pig farms,Think of those complicated relationships behind,He hit the drum。
Come to the pig farm,See Zhao Xiaoli’s first eye,He can clearly see the color of the opponent’s eyes.。
This makes him more and less is sorry.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,long time no see。”
breeze,Is the next sentence miss??
The scorpion also misses you very much.。”