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“puff~~”Sword and gun crossing,Two terrible forces collided,Directly tear open seven or eight spatial cracks。Power spread,Cracked ground。
But under this impact,Igo motionless,But Wright couldn’t help but step back.。
“Your material attack power is not good!”Yi Ge said with a smile。
“My material attack is not powerful,Oh,Then you can see if you can hit me!”Wright is not angry,Chuckle,Because he found,Suppressed in their own field,The opponent’s speed is not as good as his own。
Both felt the strength of each other,In Igo’s view,Wright’s gravity space is terrible。Under the suppression of this gravitational space,I can only play 60 to 70% of the speed,Power moves are also restricted。But that’s it,A simple physical attack can overwhelm Wright,It shows that Wright’s material attack is slightly weaker,At the bottom of the seven-star level。
But Wright also has reservations,Although he goes further in terms of the laws of the earth,But currently the strongest is the fusion of the laws of water and fire,This is his strongest mystery,And it matches the divine power very well。
Although this fusion divine power is ten times more powerful than the superior divine power。The law of the earth is the fusion of the three mysterious,Because the two are not completely compatible,Therefore, the strength displayed can only be said to be the strength of the early seven-star elves。
And Igo completely suppresses himself in material attacks,It seems that the other party is also a more powerful Seven-Star Elf。
But Wright’s goal is not to compete,And with the help of combat to experience other mysteries of the law of the earth,There is no need to head to head,Fighting with it is to figure out the move is formal。
“Take me a shot!”Wright drinks,Erratic spear in hand,Tap the ground under your feet,Beat slow。The moves are more force-oriented—【Earth water·Torrent】
Ego’s speed is actually not inferior to Wright,But under the suppression of gravitational space,Speed is limited,At most only 60 to 70% of Wright’s play。Power,But above Wright,When colliding with each other, Wright suffers a little loss。
This flash flood,Eagle’s Longsword Block,It’s just a few steps back,At the same time。
A long sword across,Wright felt as if endless power was smashing on himself,There is life in power,Vigorous and as if connected to the earth。
Too late to ponder the mystery contained in this blow,Wright spear rotation,Invisible pulsation,To form a swampy space,Abruptly stopped this sword。Then the spear turned into a stab from a block,One shot through space,Boom towards Igo。