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  China Youth Daily, Shenzhen News (Zhongqing News, Zhongqing Net reporter Wu Xin) Since 2021, the Group Shenzhen Longgang District Committee has actively implemented the "Middle and Long-term Youth Development Plan", and the comprehensive pilot of the grassroots organization reform in the county The opportunity, the basic responsibility of leading the leading youth, organizing youth, contacting the service youth, has established 23 youth entities. Taking the "Youth House" as a starting point, stimulates the organization of gatherings to condense young people, serving youth’s vitality and efficiency, and promoting the organization’s formal innovation of the group, the service project is formified, and normalized.

  "No. 54 mobile cabin" is a special "store" in Longgang District "Youth House", which adopts the form of young "à la carteness", and the normalization of reading sharing, film sharing, music road performance, photography teaching, The activities of gaining, painting experience, painting experience, outdoor sports, interest teaching.

While integrating resource in groups, it is also actively using the youth social organization forces, and is tailored to the majority of young people, and they are welcomed by youth.

  Shenzhen, Macao Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Service Center, DCC Cultural Creative Park is also two stores in Dragon Gang’s "Youth House" system. United States, enterprises, business, etc., corporate, merchants, etc. The "CEO Mid-Sharing Club" "Ceo Midday", "Xiaomei", "Building Microba" and other brand activities, etc., providing youth to provide more specialized services.

DCC Cultural Creative Park "Youth House" has established "Legal + Finance + Psychological Consultation" as the body, with the integrated center of the Valentine’s space, the fitness room and the 24-hour self-service area, providing youth to learn, leisure Innovative entrepreneurial exchanges and other all-round services.

  The person in charge of the Dragongen District Committee introduced that 23 young people in the region were directly contacted by the district, street or community groups, and the special personnel were docked, and timely understand the dynamics and actual needs of youth, providing personalized, all-round services. Some stores have set the "Roisting Wall" function area, become a "tree hole" of youth’s conventional demand, which creates a warm home in accordance with new era youth characteristics and preferences.

Some selection of youth representatives from different fields have built the Youth Chambers and encourage youth to speak in "home".

At the same time, the group organization will continue to optimize the service project according to the "Voice of Youth", break through the traditional single-way transport service model, and support the introduction of the youth society independently launched the activities, let the "home" becomes the active position of youth independent management, self-service. It realizes the organic combination of service youth and condense youth.

  Refer to 24-hour convenience store experience, construction district-level "Youth House" flagship store, various streets "Youth House" franchise store, various communities "Youth House" Store.

At present, there have been a district-level youth home, 8 street-level youth, 8 community-level youth, 5 young people in the enterprise park, realize the group district committee, and all streets have direct construction or contact guidance "Youth House".

Through the dot matrix effect, continue to enhance the vitality of "Youth House", improve the frequency of youth service activities and coverage.

  Next, the Dragon Administrative Committee will continue to promote the construction of more "Youth Houses" in the entire district, and at the same time, the "Youth House" is touched, more widely contact your youth organization, more aggregated integrate social resources. And more deeply enhance service functions.

Continuous optimization leads to the core to serve youth as the "one-stop" comprehensive platform for youth, providing youth, a "home door", warm heart service for youth.