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Original title: The rise of local power, Shanghai theme bright morning newspaper reporter Zhan Zhan 7th image Shanghai Art Expo was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from November 3rd to 6th. Although the epidemic is affected, the image Shanghai Yibong has not been held last year. This year, this year has also adjusted from the original September to early November, and before the opening, the opening the audience needs to be advertised to indicate nucleic acid negative testing within 48 hours, but this Everything can’t stop people’s demand for a professional imaging art fair, more than 50 gallery at home and abroad, gather together "image Shanghai" and present a number of theme exhibitions that have both fun and research value.

A major feature of this "image Shanghai" is that some overseas exhibitors have not been able to come, but give the opportunity to rise with local imaging power, the theme of Shanghai runs through the entire art fair, which is underway. Such a professional image art fair can hold the inner cause of the seven sessions in Shanghai to reveal it.

Shanghai Audiovisual Information Museum Historical Image Collection Expert Gong Weiqiang encountered many old friends from all over the world in the "Image Shanghai" exhibition hall, in which everyone did not absent because of the epidemic.

Mr. Gong Weiqiang’s view of this "image Shanghai" is that although overseas famous exhibitors have fewer than ever, they are still very neat, the achievements of local image art are more prominent, and some of the theme exhibitions, such as China and Trade Shengjia Auction Co., Ltd. The "Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit" Theme Exhibition held by Shanghai "and" Imaging Shanghai "and Porsche Jiejie will leave a deeper impression. In addition, some of the contemporary art banner, it is necessary to be less related to photography. Gong Weiqiang believes that since it is an imaging professional fair, it is necessary to use the image. The "Sea Lingyun – the Republic of China" is the theme exhibition of "Sea Lingyun – Republic of China in the Republic of China", and the professor of Fudan University, Mr. Gu Yizheng, and the exhibition pursued photography art in Shanghai.

Through the exhibition, we learned that Shanghai is one of the earliest places in China. With the penetration of photography to real life, photography has become the media, folk photography community and printing technology of urban middle class communication, let Photography images become an important object of public visual consumption, Shanghai has become China’s largest photography image production and consumption site.

In this exhibition, we can enjoy the style of the early sea photography, such as Guo Xiqi and Chen Chuanlin allocate with rigorous composition and shadow, fully convey the poetry of the Jiangnan scenery; Huang Zhongchang’s "flaw" showed the pursuit of light and shadow in the scenery. The aesthetic pursuit; the self-portrait of Lang Jingshan and golden stone, with photography, mirror dialogue, self-study; Zhang Hengren’s photography was querial, he could create a picture of the abstraction of the line in the middle of the midway at that time; The photo "Zhaofeng Park" has literatical, giving the nature of the photo document; Liu Haisu is photographing the "Persimmon" in the 1930s is the only photo of Liu Haica on the market.

"Sea Lingyun" Theme Exhibition is also the 2021 autumn shoot "of China Trade Holy Jia, in December, 2021 autumn", "see" also "seeking a special preview of image art specialty.

Come to the "Shanghai Century: Shanghai Spirit" theme exhibition, we have seen changes in life in the image, and Shanghai is very close to us. Long-term life and artist working in Shanghai Hu Ming shot works during the epidemic isolation, it is closer to us.

Hu Yumei has become a set of "GM" series during the rendering of the daily things during the rendering of the home.

A coffee table, a sofa, water stains on the floor, some seven-zero refrigerator stickers, those who have been re-attached, and the artists begin to rethink the object in family life in the dilemma. The location and function, he uses color to planarize the shooting screen, and the depressed emotions are released by color "purification". When talking about why Shanghai can hold a professional art fair for an image class, Mr. Gong Weiqiang believes that such a platform to contact the gallery and collectors can succeed in Shanghai, because Shanghai’s cultural atmosphere is good, the market is large and standardized . At the same time, he suggests that in recent years, some art gallery began to incorporate photography art into their collection system. These art gallery realize that photography is actually a aesthetic value as other art works, and from the perspective of public awareness, Photography is also more able to accept the public, thus playing more beautiful education than artwork.

Gong Weiqiang also made his own opinion on the "image of Shanghai".

He said that since it is "image Shanghai", it is not a static photographic work. China’s early record movies have become a new collection direction because they have copied scarce have become a new collection direction, and it is worthwhile to include "image Shanghai". The market-based transaction display platform. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.