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The autumn and winter season came, the oranges became one of the best-selling fruits. However, recently "oranges will become a small yellow people" topic triggering netizens.

Zhu Yi, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of China Agricultural University Food Academy, said that the oranges will make the skin turn yellow, which is called "high carotramia", "citation skin". "You have eaten some foods with carotenoids, such as citrus, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, and yellow-flowers, which will cause skin yellow dyeing. But it and our usual jaundice it Nothing, the liver disease (jaundice) caused by the disease, its sclera is yellow, it (citrus) is yellow, but it scleged.

If there is such a case, there is no need for any special treatment, just reduce the intake of carotene, or don’t eat it all, stop for a month (left and right) Basic skin will restore the original skin.

"Why is there a nutritious nutrition on the orange? Zhu Yi introduced that the dietary fiber contained in the orange has been relatively rich, and it is beneficial to the stomach after eating, but do not deliberately eat orange.

  The orange has been incorporated into the Chinese medicine. From the perspective of modern medicine, the orange has a dietary fiber is relatively rich, and it will promote digestion after consumption, and lane. I personally felt that the orange coach took the oranges to eat it, and it is good for our gastrointestinal health.

There is no need to deliberately eat it (tangerine), when you eat oranges, as long as you don’t remove the oranges above the oranges.

  Although the oranges, although they are not greedy "tangerines", Zhu Yi suggested that according to the recommended amount of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, ordinary adults eat 200-350 grams a day, all converted to oranges is probably 2,3.

Since organic acids in oranges are rich in organic acid content, it is best to eat oranges after meals, and eat oranges and eat oranges, which is more conducive to blood sugar. Zhu Yi, associate professor, associate professor of the Food Academy of China Agricultural University, is high in organic acid content in oranges, and people who are weak in the spleen and stomach are eaten in an empty stomach. Sometimes they will feel the gastric acid, and they can eat it after eating.

Also eat oranges completely eat, there is a tancoon, and I will eat it with a petal. It is very advantageous for blood sugar. It is much better than it is a tangerine juice. If you want to be a tangerine juice If you drink in a small mouth, you feel like chewing it, but not in the same way. Zhu Yi said that there are many kinds of orange peels, and the fresh oranges can prevent harais, and the orange peel is placed in the refrigerator to adsorb odor.

If it is used to brepty water, please pay attention to clean the clean orange peel, prevent the risk of pesticide residues. (Dong Zyu).